Removing old address?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cashback, Aug 20, 2003.

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    I am about to start my journey to credit repair.
    From somewhere on this board, people said "remove any old address from the credit report"
    and if I ask for it, then they will just do it.

    So i contacted to equifax and asked to remove my old addresses. They said that they can't delete it because it is a part of my history. So, I said they are not mine and i never lived there (but i lived there really.). Then The service represntitive from Equifax told me that they will initiate an investigation on this and if it found as a wrong information they will delete it.

    An Investigation???
    According to most articles I read from this forum, people says that once I request, then they will delete it! I never wanted an investigation!

    What investigation are they talking about? And why do I need to remove old addresses from these credit report?


    - cashback
  2. lakpr

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    Hi cashback,

    I guess their "investigation" involves checking with all your current creditors to see if any of them were reporting the disputed addresses in the past.

    If they verify any of your old addresses they must give you the procedure on how they verified it. So hang on there, you will know your answer soon :)

    Are you carrying any credit card from your old addresses still with you? If so, that could be the proof ...

    You would want to remove old addresses if they are associated with any delinquency on your report that you plan to contest in the future. Your past creditor would have the last address on file, which would be used to match it with you along with your name and SSN. If you have removed your old address, you just have taken away one search criterion from the CRA, making it that much harder!

    Also, don't worry about the investigation. I had disputed my past addresses with Experian twice -- once over the phone, and second time in writing. I did not get far then. I got a "we consider your dispute frivolous" from Experian in response to my written dispute. However, when I pulled another report 3 months later (I monitor all my reports quarterly), sure enough, the addresses were deleted! Chances are, even if they come back 'verified' now, you may see them missing from your report a few months later.
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    Re: Re: Removing old address?

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    Re: Re: Re: Removing old address?

    This "MAY" be a problem. If everything goes according to the rules, the CRA should call each individual creditor and ask if your old address is in any of their files. But there is a lot of gap between the cup and the lip :) The $10/hr clerk who is supposed to do 10 disputes per hour might simply decide to remove your addresses not deeming it worth the hassle; the original creditor might not bother verifying that they had in their files your old address (most records are archived, who wants to go and dig them up for some silly stuff?) etc .... Chances are bright that the addresses do get removed.
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    Re: Re: Re: Removing old address?

    Thank you guys, I will wait and see what is happening. You guys are awesome!!!
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    If you go to TU's website, you can dispute online. When you start the dispute, there's a section for disputing personal info. At each address you want deleted, simply say "not mine".

    I've had good luck calling EX and simply asking them to remove old addresses and name variations. Some of them come back and some stay away permanently. The odd thing about EX is that the rep asked me about an address that didn't show on the report I had printed.

    Go for it and good luck !!

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