Removing Student Loan Derogs

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 3dayevntr, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. 3dayevntr

    3dayevntr Well-Known Member

    Any info out there on removing Student Loan derogs. Loans are paid through consolidation and current since. Problem is University went by 1/4 system and there are many small loans. First to SallieMae, sold to Chase Manhatten(defaulted),then to CA Student Aid, (picked up after default), now at USDof Edu and current since Feb,no lates. I have 30 derog postings of Student Loans on CR. Many entered in triplicate for same loan as mentioned above. I need serious help!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. bellybean

    bellybean Member

    I have two SL's that are reported at one 90 late, but current now...any way to get that 90-day thing removed, since they are current, and they went to 90 days back in 1998?
  3. firsthomr

    firsthomr Active Member

    My student loans are consolidated. However some of the money is for subsized and unsubstized loans. My credit report breaks the loans down into two amounts. I was 90 days late earlier this year before going into forbearance. A mortgage lender informed me that the student loans are hurting my score. It makes it seem that I have two loans large amounts that I was behind on. I am disputing with the big threes. The student loan company says they have to list the loan as subsidized and unsusidized (sp).
  4. rjg001

    rjg001 Member

    Who are your loans with?

    I have had no luck getting Sallie Mae to remove 90 day lates using goodwill letters. Mine are about two and one half years old and I ended up going into forebearance retroactive to the lates, but they still will not remove. They indicate that the Higher Education Act (I know that is not the complete name but I can't remember it) requires the reporting of 90 day lates and later. I believe they are more lenient when you are less than 90 days late.

    And I have the same problem some of you have. I took out subsidized and unsubsidized loans for three years. So even though I only have one payment for all those loans it looks like I blew off six different creditors for 90 days on my report.
  5. julesh

    julesh Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem with Sallie Mae. I've since consolidated with US Dept. of Ed. and am current.
    I've done a lot of searching and reading on this issue. From what I've been able to find out, Goodwill does not work very well with Sallie Mae. If it's paid and you've consolidated with a different lender, the "nutcase" letters is probably the way to go. You can find out more in the FAQ or by doing a search. :eek:)
  6. dalaggie

    dalaggie Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know which supposed section of the Higher Education Act says that they are required to do that? USA Funds (i.e., Sallie Mae) pulled this on me, but being a law student and I just went and pulled several sections of the Act. However, I find no such refers to the phrase "may report" several times, but does not say it is required. I'm sort of thinking they say that the law requires it to make you go away. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. firsthomr

    firsthomr Active Member

    So what should I do. The student loans are draggin my score down. My fico is 508
  8. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    nutcase Sallie Mae. their reporting system was incompatible with the bureaus.. so they reported if you were ever late as being always late...even on paid in full loans.

    how can you be currently 90+ on a paid loan?
    look at your reports, what's the current rating?

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