Rental Car, Credit card stolen

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Arthur, Jun 18, 2000.

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    I have a situation, I rented a car for a drive to florida for a vacation, the rental company put a 350.00 authorization on my credit card, which dropped off my card Friday, I had my wallet stolen from my car in FL, I cancelled the credit card, and they told me it would take 2 weeks to get me another one. I return the car on monday, the credit card co told me that since they (enterprise rental) did not renew the authorization for the rental fees, they cannot bill the original card anymore, since the # is no longer valid. I do not have the cash to pay the fees when I return the car tommorrow, so what do I do? Can Enterprise call the police on me for failing to pay for a purchase? I can see why they cant bill the credit card anymore, it seems like it was their fault they did not renew the authorization, but someone has to pay...right? What do you think will happen? I do not have the cash to pay for this. Any help please!!
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    RE: Rental Car, Credit card st

    Under the circumstances, I would think the car rental agency couldn't say you tried to deceive them in any way. If you skipped town with the car for an extra two weeks, you might have some problems.

    Perhaps they will be able to give you an extra amount of time to satisfy the contract. Talk to the manager and explain the situation, as I am sure things like this have happened before. Perhaps you can give them a post-dated check? Maybe they can just bill you and you can pay for the car when the new credit car comes.

    If all else fails and you HAVE to come up with the cash, Iâ??d say this is one of those times where you need to ask a friend or family member for a personal loan. Or perhaps call one of the local check cashing stores and take out a "payday advance" loan which will cost a bundle. Once you get the new card, you can take out a cash advance to pay them back.
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    RE: Rental Car, Credit card st

    I once had a similar situation happen to me. When I returned the car, the rental agency simply called the credit card company and they did a force charge for the amount of the rental charges. I would suggest calling the credit card company to inquire about such a thing.

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    RE: Rental Car, Credit card st

    I would call Enterprise in advance to let them know what happened and see what can be worked out. I'm sure they've run across this before even if not from the location that you're renting. But if you call in advance, it gives the manager time to call corporate if he/she needs to in order to get some advice.

    I rent from Enterprise all of the time and find that they are usually much more understanding than the others. Just don't catch them off guard--call and let them know of your situation ahead of time--ask to speak to the manager. Good luck!
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    RE: Rental Car, Credit card st

    Enterprise sucks. They are horrible. I rented a car from them 4 years ago and it was stolen and crashed. Even though I purchased the extra coverage for collision and everything, they decided three years later to sue me for $17,000. Now I have a huge lawsuit on my hands. Find the money and pay them because they will screw you if they can.

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