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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Melissa, Mar 27, 2000.

  1. Melissa

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    I recently (this weekend) moved out of a roommate situation from hell. I was staying with an older "friend" who declared bankruptsy in October. Monthly, I paid her my share of the utilities as well as my portion of the rent.

    On Monday, she left a note saying that she needed the phone bill money. She didn't say what the amount was, and I'd been busy packing, so I decided to see if she had left the bill in her office.

    The bill was 340-some odd dollars--60 for that month and the rest dating back to December. Apparently, she only has paid what would keep the phone from being turned off.
    In a fit of anger, I went through the rest of her bills (all in her name) and found that the water, electricity, etc. are all past due as well. (200-300 dollars worth!) I freaked out; most of them listed the cut-off date by the 30th. Then I went into her "rent" folder and found a letter from the homeowner/landlord with a rent check she wrote that had been returned, on February 28th. She bounced a check to the damn landlord and he made her come to his house and pay cash! What the f---?

    We had no written agreement between us. I had agreed previously to pay her 225 upon departure to cover the utilities. None of the money has gone toward utilities. Apparently, she didn't have enough money to cover her portion of the rent, either. I don't want to pay her, because it really pisses me off that she went bankrupt already has done the same thing again-especially with the bills that affect other people!

    There is another renter in the house, as well, and I haven't said anything or taken any action. From what I see of the current bills, I owe about 67 + the phone bill.

    I'm so angry about this, I am not sure I should pay, but at the same time, I want to do the right thing.

    Also, the lease between her and the landlord states that she can be evicted if she doesn't pay her own utilities.

    I feel sympathy but she's 40, I'm 22. I make 11.00 an hour and she makes much more. Her car is paid off, I don't even have one right now! I still have credit card debt, hers are all charged-off. She's the reason why bankruptsy laws are getting stricter.

    Sorry for the rant, but I am pissed! What would you do? I want to either make out the check to the utility companies (the 67.00), write a letter to the landlord, or just plain stiff her. But I'm angry right now; I need a second opinion.
  2. tell the o

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    What I would do , is tell the other roommate how irresponsible the woman is, then tell the woman who says you owe money, to go to hell! The worst that could happen, is she could take you to court, which is VERY unlikely, b/c the Judge looks at character, and once he realizes hers, he'd throw out the case in a heartbeat!
  3. Indnewssrv

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    I agree with this post. Tell the other roomie what is going on..he/she will suffer the consequences too. It's better to move out and find a better place to live. From the sounds of it...the bills are in her name..its her problem to worry abotu them. Now what would of benefit you is to have some type of documentation that you gave her X amount of dollars and what it was suppose to go towards just in case she ever does get smart and tries to sue. It's her fault that she did not follow up on the were being responsible..she was not.

  4. Melissa

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    Actually, I have my bank account statements and i'm sure I could get cancelled checks. I always have written in the "for" part of the check what it was for. I only was able to open a checking account about two months ago, but I gave her money orders occassionally as well. Sometimes I just cashed the check, though.

    We'll see. I doubt she would take me to court; she obviously doesn't have the money for it. I wonder if I could threaten to take HER to court, as the checks in the past two months were stated as rent and as well as utilities... hmmmmmmmmm....Maybe I'll talk to a lwayer friend of mine......
  5. jsw

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    First of all find a rooftop where you can scream! OK, now that's over. Sounds like we only have verbal agreements regarding your payment schedule. How did you pay your share of the monthly bills? Cash or check? You pay her cash you have no receipt of your payments. It is time for this 40 year old chick to grow up, start being responsible for her debts and stop 'using' others who think she is their friend. Pay your share - I know it sucks - but pay by check. And I would ask the other renter if she/he is aware of the balances due on the bills.
  6. Indnewssrv

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    this is smart of could either bite your losses and move on with your life and next time you rent..get to know the person first..or take her to court for the money she most likely spent on herself or whatever.Just have proof!!!!

  7. Donna

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    Take her to Judge Judy. :)
  8. mcm

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    RE: rental legal question--hel

    I would pay my portion of the phone bill, (made out to the phone company), tell the other roommate what is going on, and then get out of there.

    I had a similar situation a few years back. Fortunately nothing was in my name and there was nothing with my signature on it, so I got out of there as soon as I found a new place.

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