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    My problems with them (CCB) started with the very first statement I received from them, less than one month after having their card, where they had already added charged fees and "cash advances" (for a whole $1.34), and finance charge to take the balance over the limit right away. I called within a month to cancel the card, agreeing to pay only what I charged on it. They told me that since I used
    the card, I was bound by the terms, and that I owed them the entire amount. I replied "sue me", I wasn't paying anything other than what I charged, which was $234.00. (Coincidentally, the advertised a credit limit was $1,500.00, yet extended only 500.00, which made it very easy for them to tack on illegitimate charges to bring the
    account over the limit). Throughout many months, letters, phone calls, and several payments I made to them to pay ONLY what I charged, I was consistently harassed, both by
    phone, home and work, and through masses of letters. Even special invitations to re-open my account (at the inaccurately high balance, and an additional huge fee, of course) and "Save my Credit" in their efforts to trick me
    even further. They finally pissed me off enough that I said to myself "@!#$ 'em", and I quit making any payments at all on the balance of what I owed. I stepped out of
    their playground and let them play with themselves, which they seemed to have a dandy time doing, even sent me to collections as a last resort!! After sitting the collections agency back in their chair, and threatening
    them with lawsuit, I spent my (very rare) spare time compiling my documentation and my letter of complaint, which included my demand for them to stop their crap, take my final payment as payment in full, back off, and shut the @!#$ up. (Stated much more professionally of course)! Just as I had finished my final draft, I got notice that my account was written off. This, of course, meant that were taking the liberty to mark my credit report negatively. basically- I quit playing their stupid little game so they "showed me" by "beating me up", just to prove
    what bullies they really are. They act like frick'in little children for god sakes!)

    I have watched and posted on this board for a long time, yet infrequently (I really do have a life besides screwing around with these idiots!), and what I, as a Social Psychology student, have observed comes down to one basic thing, ALL OF THEIR VICTIMS STORIES ARE THE SAME, AND THEIR ARE PLENTY OF VICTIMS! It doesn't matter whether you do business with them one day or over several years. If they want to screw with you, they will. They don't care who you are, what geographical area you live, or social level you exist at. They are evil, blood hungry vultures that have exemplified, especially from these most recent "Deicide" postings, that they have only immoral, unethical, extortion intentions and ideas.

    Our only hope at ridding these "demons" from our lives is as much exposition of them as we can get. If left to be free to continue operating as they do, we can only count on a complete and catastrophic change in the entire Credit Industry. Eventually, one vulture's find draws the other vultures to the prey. They are out their circling as we

    I invite any CCB victim who is interested in the idea of National exposition of CCB to e-mail me with comments, ideas, or feedback, at (No you stinkin' CCB
    Scumbags, you don't scare me a bit!!)

    On limited time, I have big plans to offer as grand an exposition as I am capable of! My Dad always taught me, "if you're going to do something, do it right, don't waste your time doing it half-assed! I happen value my time!

    Although I paint a pretty dramatic picture here, it is what I believe to be the truth. If even one of every 5 people who has had their lives negatively impacted by the
    CCB scumbags, would take the time to send an e-mail or letter, or phone call in an attempt to get exposure, to whoever's ear they can successfully bend, there will be power in the majority!

    I have already seen that I am in that majority myself, are you?

    Life is too short for this CCB bull, I propose we work together to end it, once and for all. Got anything you can contribute to the idea? I'm completely open minded about it!

    Let me know.



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