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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by S. Harper, Sep 4, 2000.

  1. S. Harper

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    After your vehicle is reposed are you responsible for any costs associated with the vehicle? Is there a thing called Repo Debt?
  2. dave

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    This depends on the terms of your contract and the law in your state. Many times, repossessed vehicles are sold at public or private sales or auctions. If the sale price is less than what you owe plus repo. costs, you might be liable for the difference.

    There may be a right to redeem the vehicle within a limited time. State law may impose requirements about the manner in which the sale is conducted. If the lender does not comply with these requirements, it may be unable to pursue you for any deficiency.

    You should contact an attorney for specific advice.
  3. Rhonda

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    and depending on what state your in, and how old the loan is, you may not still be responsible for the remainder of the balance on a repo debt. Most states have 4 year statute of limitations on a written contract.. so if someone is harassing you after that amount of time, you can tell them to kiss off :)

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