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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tiff10, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. tiff10

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    I was fresh out of school, young and dumb, and went to one of those "buy here" "pay here" auto dealers. Well, I put $1000 down and got the car, but I only had the car a month when crap started going wrong with it. I took the car up there and told them the were'nt getting crap until they fixed it. They gave me the run around and never set up a time for me to bring it in. In return, they got no mulla. A month later, the came and got the car and stamped the repo on my credit report from TU and EQ. Here's the was a 1994 Honda Prelude with 100,000 miles on it (when I bought it) and they listed the most owed as $18,553 and there is no balance. It shows they opened the account on 5/2000 when I got it and closed it on 2/2001 (still confused about that one). Is there any way I can get that removed? I was never contacted by the company and I'm sure the car has been sold. Am I just going to have to let it sit there smiling on my credit or do I have options?
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    Whats the guys name? you know where he lives?

    I got this cousin in Jersey.....

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    I would try the "Not mine" approach and see if you can get it deleted.
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    The simplest approach is the best "not mine". But, if that doesn't work, start researching your state's repo laws. There are a series of steps they have to follow. Many, many years ago, while in high school I worked at a tote the note lot. We never followed the rules :)

    I would almost bet you that car title was never for one moment transferred into your name.
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    thanks jlynn....that's really helpful. I'll definetly try that asap.

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