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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by billbauer, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I went to see the movie REPOMEN this evening. In some ways it was a great movie and in other ways it was a real piece of trash. I thought it was a great movie because I thought that it accurately portrayed the debt collection industry and the way it operates as a whole, ruthless killers (figuratively speaking) in some ways, ripping people's hearts out on a wholesale basis leaving them for dead, (again figuratively speaking).

    On the reality level, lots of loud sounds, senseless beating of drums at a high decibel level, lots of shouting, cursing, some mild fleeting but not offensive nudity shots, lots of blood and guts, lots of shooting of victims and others. Very poor quality color and photography, almost totally dark scenes throughout the movie so much was left to the imagination. Many scenes that were totally blank, not even depicting darkness or low light levels. One debt collector's wife found out what her hubby was doing and instantly picked up her kid and left. She was about the only one in the whole movie that did the right thing according to our modern way of thinking.

    So while I thought that on one hand I had wasted $40 or so eating out and going to that movie, still due to it's outstanding depiction of debt collectors in general I thought it was money well spent.

    It was based on the concept that sometime in the future some company would replace hearts and other body parts on credit. The first three months were at an introductory rate of 19% and 29% interest rate after that. The recipients were branded on the neck with an I.D. and the debt collectors had a scanner that could pick out their victims from a crowd and tell whether they were delinquent and ready for repo of the organs or not. They would go into offices and other buildings and scan people to see if they were delinquent or not and if they were they would be shot and the organs repossessed right on the spot. Of course, we would scoff at that kind of thing today but we scoffed at George Orwell and his novel 1984. Back then we dismissed most of his ideas saying nothing like that can happen here in America but the brutal truth is that most of what he predicted is here and fully operational today. That seems to be true with a lot of Sci-Fi stuff. At the time of the writings what was depicted seemed totally impossible but much of it has come true. People once laughed at the idea that men would fly but man did learn to fly somewhat like the birds but hundreds of times faster and in much greater comfort.

    People once laughed at the idea that man could go to the moon but we have done that too. So could what is depicted in this movie come to pass? Only time will tell. Some of it is here now.
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    Remember Solyent Green?
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    Looks like Jude Law really outdid himself with this performance.
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    No, never saw that one. What was it about? What comments do you have about it?

    How about MAXXED OUT? Have you seen that one? I helped with the filming of that one to some extent and you will see my name in the credits list at the end of the movie. We interviewed some of my local students but they didn't include any of that. They did rely on some of the contacts I gave them for people to interview for the movie and some of those got in.

    I thought that was a great movie even if I didn't get in personally. It told a story about debt collectors and had a good theme to it all the way.

    One thing I thought was pretty typical of debt collectors was the concept that there was a computer system keeping track of all the company's body parts and where they were located at any given point in time. GPS tracking of their body parts and of course the recipients so they could be tracked down when payments were due. One of the two main actors had received a mechanical heart, decided to quit being a repo man after he lost his wife and kid because the wife was disgusted with what he was doing, and had defaulted on the payments. They went after him and he fought back. He blew up the system with explosives and went off to some tropical island where he and his new girlfriend were shown lolling on the sandy beaches sipping tall cool drinks, living happily ever after. That too seemed about typical for debt collectors because in a sense, they too seem to have a penchant for blowing up things like bank accounts. (LOL)

    I really thought that was about the best sequence in the whole movie.
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    "Soylent Green is people! It's people!!"

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