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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by AnnMarie, Mar 8, 2001.

  1. AnnMarie

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    Started my efforts today with calling TU--she was very nice and gave me a confirmation number. I disputed 2 addresses, an old collection utility account that was paid and 1st USA--all as not mine.
    THEN I called Experian (credit data southwest) and it was difficult to say the least! I disputed the above things plus one more account (a paid charge off) and several more addresses. The phone rep went as far as to look at an account that I didn't dispute and state that one of the addresses I was disputing was on that account--I told her that I didn't have that information in front of me but I have a current account with that particular bank that was opened 18 mos ago--which is true and that I lived at my current address at that time also.
    Whew! She kept on asking me and asking me it seemed like :)
    Will I be branded as frivolous now do you think?
    Did I screw up on this? Phone disputes just seem too easy. Also, the Experian lady said there was no reference number for my dispute whereas the TU lady gave me one, was I deceived?

  2. Marie

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    YOU DID FINE! Relax and see what happens. Your next round will be in writing anyway! :) IT's all just a joke. I really don't think they verify much. And your addresses will come off. If they don't dispute them in writing when this round of disputes is up/ Experian doesn't give confirmation numbers. Just keep track (yourself) of what you've disputed w/each bureau. Smile, the first round is done!
  3. AnnMarie

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    Re: :)

    Thanks Marie---I guess I needed a little thumbs up :) I have a scheduler (actually it's a promo for adverstising budgeting calendar from a furniture rep!) ~lol~ that is totally dedicated to my efforts.
    I am really jazzed, since I know that my last really bad thing should come off (AU setteld CC 9/99)
    woo hoo
    thanks again

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