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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by penguin, Apr 27, 2001.

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    I posted a question yesterday (re: "debt bought by CA"), but for some reason, I can't get back into the thread and reply to Lizardking.

    My questions were: 1) Can both the original creditor AND the collection agency list a charged off account on your credit report?
    2) A collection agency recently called me saying that they just bought the debt from the creditor. I haven't received any collection letter from them yet. LK said to validate the debt--validate with original creditor or the CA? If the CA says that because they bought the debt, they can't make the original creditor remove the negative mark, should I send them a cease & desist letter so that I can deal with creditor instead? Thanks!
  2. bbauer

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    Well, I see they got you all messed up.

    You need to wait until you get a demand from one or both, hopefully both and then send each a validation letter with a gag attached to so they can't talk to any one else about it.

    Just remember that the validation letter is about like a game of chess. White (the "good guy", the one with the white hat, of course) always moves first. You are the "dirty bird" and always wear the black hat".At least that's the way they look at it, so let them make their own mistakes.

    They send you a demand letter and you reply with a validation letter.

    Now the game is on, the fun begins.

    The game has many referees who are always in balcony doing whatever one of the players cries "foul" thereby attracting the attention of one or more of them.. Your opponent can normally only call upon one of the referees if he calls foul, but you have the right to call on any or all of the referees in the event you has reason to call a foul.

    If you call for a time out, and your opponent refuses or simply ignores your request, you can call in at least one of the referees who may very well call a forced default of the game by the refusing party.

    It's a great game, but you gotta understand the game and play it like a master to win it consistantly. But don't let all that scare you. Not in the least. It's intended only to let you see that a validation letter is just the start of the game, not at all like Tim McVeigh's final answer to the Murray Building.

    Bill Bauer
  3. cole

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    What does "gag attached" refer to? How is it implemented?


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