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    ....any thoughts on this?...

    My husband had an account on his credit reports with a collection agency that was his but was paid. It should never have been sent to a collection. It was a utility, paid upon move. He disputed the account in October, 2000. They have never sent verification, in fact, they said "We will not verify this account" in a telephone call. Anyway, after many certified emails that were ignored, my husband filed a complaint with the licensing board in that state...this was in December. In early feb, the state licensing board called and said they would give them 10 days "or else." We heard nothing so we followed up with a certified copy asking what was going on. We got a call today and they said that the collection agency had asked for an extension and had until next week. Why? Why do they get 6 months to verify this??

    How should we proceed?? This is ridiculous..and has been reported the entire 6 months without notice of the dispute.

    Thanks so much in advance!
  2. NanaC

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    ok, I'm not hurt...ahahahah...
    guess I'll figure this one out on my own..LOL

    Thanks anyway
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    I have no idea. At the very least, it should have been noted on your report.
    Have you tried to call the CRA and ask those things to them? It's their rules we have to deal with, at the very least they can explain them.( I would also read the FCRA before calling)
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    Hi, AM...they told me "we refuse to validate"...that's it..period..nada..nothing else..

    It's frustrating to me when the state agency designed to protect us do this....

    So, if I I sue in my small claims court house in Colorado? They are in Illinois.

    I'm so frustrated.
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    For Colorado:

    I would file a complaint against the collection agency with the Attorney General:


    Also call:

    Debt Collection Collection Agency Board (303) 866-5304

    Info on filing in Colorado Small Claims Court:

    The collector MUST provide you validation under the FDCPA. If you have saved your cert mail receipts, copies of letters, etc. This appears to be in your favor and I would personally sue. You can sue the collection agency or the CRA. The CRA's are usually quick to agree to remove items when you have served them with a suit; especially with the proof you have of your situation.

    If you will post the name of the agency, I will find a statutory agent for them in your state if one is available. When you file suit you normally have the statutory (legal) agent served with the summons.
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    So??? I should have gone through my attorney general..not Illinois?? AHA! Ok..I'm digesting all of this..

    Which agency name do you want? I'm sorry..confused...
    the collection agency?? Anxiously awaiting..:) Thanks a million!

    I have proof of everything!!!

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