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    Anonymous (GSM) SIMM Cards
    Incoming and Outgoing Calls!

    Big Brother Is Listening In On You!

    Whenever you make a call from a mobile phone you are leaving an "electronic trail" readily
    available to government agencies from your local telephone operator upon request. Phone
    calls are even often automatically being scanned to monitor for "suspicious words" by
    various agencies' computer surveillance systems and then analyzed and the phone holder recorded in Big Brother's files of suspicious persons - guilty or not of any wrongdoing.


    Almost all phone calls in the world are routinely scanned for "suspicious words" as we mentioned above - by various governmental agencies' computers. You have probably heard of Echelon, the international surveillance system. And there are other, and more to come!. The European Union is planning its own EU Phone, Fax & Internet Surveillance System. In Germany, all international
    calls are already automatically scanned by the Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst. Even Austria is following suit. Big Brother is indeed listing in on you EVERYWHERE - whether you have something to "hide" or not!

    Your own Swiss Number can be used with most GSM cell phones

    No ID
    No Applications
    No Deposit
    No Monthly Billing
    GSM900 Standard
    Large Size SIMM

    Anonymous Swiss based GSM SIMM cards. Calls can be made and received worldwide

    Price: US$1000 ONLY! - Swiss based SIMM card with US$25 / 375 Units of prepaid call time and courier delivery worldwide.

    We accept payment by Western Union Transfer Money

    Orders are shipped within 15 days of receipt of funds.

    Outgoing Calls

    Europe = $2.00

    Continental ( eg: North America-North America, Asia-Asia ) = $2.33

    eg:Asia-Europe,North America-Europe

    Incoming Calls

    Swiss = Free

    Europe = $1.00

    Rest of the World = $1.33

    Another we have

    CZECH GSM Sim-Card for only US $ 1000 ( with US $ 25 Credit )

    SPAIN GSM Sim-Cardfor only US $ 1000 ( with US $ 25 Credit )

    ITALY GSM Sim-Card for only US $ 1000 ( with US $ 25 Credit )

    UK GSM Sim-Card for only US $ 1000 ( with US $ 25 Credit )

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