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  1. Telecom

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    Anonymous (GSM) SIMM Cards Incoming and Outgoing Calls!

    Big Brother Is Listening In On You!

    Your own Swiss ( or Czech, Spain, UK and Italy ) Number can be used with all GSM cell phones Calls can be made and received worldwide

    No ID
    No Applications
    No Deposit
    No Monthly Billing
    GSM900 Standard
    Large Size SIMM

    For only US$1000 Swiss ( or Czech, Spain, UK and Italy ) based SIMM card with US$25 of
    prepaid call time and courier delivery worldwide.

    Outgoing Calls

    Europe = $2.00

    Continental ( eg: North America-North America, Asia-Asia ) = $2.33

    Inter-Continental ( eg:Asia-Europe,North America-Europe ) = $2.66
    Incoming Calls

    Swiss = Free

    Europe = $1.00

    Rest of the World = $1.33

    Another if you want One Telephone Number available for World-Wide ( Global Coverage : Earth and Sea ), with FREE incoming calls, we have the right solution for you : Anonymous Satellitar Telephone ( place and receive calls from anywhere in the World ) ; the perfect traveling companion for today's business traveler or any user in remote sites . No matter whether you are in the middle of a desert, on top of a mountain, far out at sea, or in a city where the telecom network is insecure and unreliable, the Satellitar Phone gives you immediate, secure contact.

    For only US$ 9600 you can have :

    - Satellitar Telephone ( notebook size unit with weight of 2.2 Kg. ( 5 lbs. ) only
    - Your personal number
    - US$500 of prepaid call time
    - Courier delivery worldwide )

    No ID
    No Applications
    No Deposit
    No Monthly Billing

    Outgoing Calls : All The World = $1.50

    Incoming Calls : Free

    I accept payment by Western Union Transfer Money

    Orders are shipped within 15 days of receipt of funds
  2. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    It really doesn't matter if you spend $9600 to get a fancy satellite telephone. Cross Country Bank will still call you 12 times a day to collect erroneous fees and bogus charges. At least the incoming calls are free.
  3. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    With all those Commies hiding under granny's bed, we became less-concerned about who's keeping track of our phone calls.

    Nevertheless, all of us here should appreciate your very helpful CREDIT post ;-)
  4. Michael

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    Even Calls on European Telephones are buged,
    a story hit the BBC in Europe last week while I was in France that said the French accused the British of doing Uncle Sam's dirty work for them in France evesdroping on French Companies.

    Also if the call is made from the U.S then it goes through the U.S. network, which the U.S. Gov. can then bug DUH!

    Even an idiot could figure that out!
  5. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member


    Hmmm...Maybe I should make all my phone calls a little more juicy and risque. I'd hate to bore all the world's spies. Hell, unless they're in the room with me, they don't know I'm not 22 years old and wearing a see-through baby doll nightie ;-)

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