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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dharma bum, Aug 19, 2003.

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    Here are some fun responses to try on your friendly CA the next time they call.

    1. Iâ??m on the toilet â?? can you call back tomorrow?
    2. Iâ??m on the other line with a competing CA, whatâ??s your offer?
    3. If I send the money today, I get the Ronco Pocket Fisherman at no additional charge, right?
    4. Am I caller 10? Did I win? Did I?????
    5. Does your mother know youâ??re using the phone?
    6. Whatcha wearing?
    7. Guess how much I weigh. I bet you canâ??t â?? come on, try to guess !
    8. Iâ??m Batmanâ?¦.
    9. Oh my God !! The catâ??s on fire !! (hang up)
    10. Gee, this is really embarrassing but you accidentally called the number for my Smell-o-phoneâ?¦you could really use a breath mint.
    11. Iâ??m sure I sent the money to Joe. (Joe Who?) Joe Mama !!!! (hang up)
    12. Oh, youâ??re with the collection agency? I collect (spoons, beer cans, dolls, whatever). Arenâ??t hobbies fun? Good luck ! (hang up)

    And remember - you can always say, â??Hang on, Iâ??ll get themâ?, set the phone down and walk awayâ?¦..

    Namaste !
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