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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by janus pier, May 25, 2000.

  1. janus pier

    janus pier Guest

    Hi. I was wondering, if I applied for a secured card, then was accepted, would my former creditors be able to go after me, since I gave my work address, bank info, and/or phone number and stuff to my new creditor? Wouldn't it show up on my credit reports? It seems that there would be the risk of my other creditors screwing me by either garnishing my wages or my bank account. I haven't paid the charge-offs yet, but plan to. Does anyone understand my concerns? Thank you for any help. J
  2. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

    How old are the chargeoffs? If they are around 3-4 years old, dont even worry about it, b/c the statuate of limitations have most likely run out. The hell with them, I had 30+ chargeoffs, and never paid any of them and they were from 96, now I have 10 unsecured credit cards, morally it's wrong to not pay the chargeoffs, but in this day and age, who the hell cares about morals, legally they wont be able to touch you.
  3. kim

    kim Well-Known Member

    When I began paying on my collection accounts I started hearing from the other collection agencies. Maybe it depends on how old the accounts are, for me the other creditors were still doing inquiries (or whatever they go through) to find my current address.

    I had one collection agency start sending me bills from 11 years ago, needless to say, since they don't appear on my credit report and it's 11 years old I threw all the threats away.
  4. Teresa

    Teresa Guest

    I am in the same situation I have about 5-7 charge-offs from no later than 97 what should I do with them now, I am fortunately able to pay them now should I just wait and then what will happen? How did you get so many unsecured cards with so many charge offs? I am looking into buying a house in 3-4 years and need to start rebuilding my credit any advice? I also have 3 paid accounts and one current that is in good standing.....I am totally lost on what to do now? Help anyone....

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