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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newbie, Apr 9, 2001.

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    Hi, guys. I posted a question earlier, but I didn't get much of a response. I'm hoping at least a few of you can share with me your experiences with this. What do you think about writing a letter that says "by accepting this payment, you acknowledge that the account is paid in full and will delete derogatory remarks from my credit reports" or something along those lines? Has anyone tried doing this?
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    Re: Restrictively endorsed rep

    I think unless you get a signed agreement from them PRIOR to paying them , this may not work.

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    Re: Restrictively endorsed rep

    THEY WILL SAY THEY DIDN'T READ THAT PART...and just deposit the check.

    In the fine print it says NO CHECKS WITH RESTRICTIVE putting it on the back of the check won't work either.

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    Re: Restrictively endorsed rep

    A lot of places this is no longer legally need to check with the laws where YOU are at.
    good luck

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