Retail cards, do some have mor

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Nov 3, 2000.

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    I had read on a chart that Roni sent me, Thanks Roni, that having a major cc and ONE retail card does help score, I am just curious are some retail cards considered better than others to carry, for example is Sears a better retail card to carry compared to JCpenny's or target's etc. I am trying to decide which retail card to keep and I am dumping the rest.

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    RE: Retail cards, do some have

    Hi Mom- I've been working hard. Glad its Fri!

    Spiegel reports my $1400 limit every month to all bureaus, sears does, target, mervyns.

    BY the way - dial the number on the back of your target card, press credit limit increase and up you'll go - $100 a pop.
    About every 3 months.

    Mervyns in CA also uses the exact same number and I popped a $100 ever few months there too.

    You know whats kewl? I got the Mervyns Card 1 yr B4 the Chap 13 in 96. I have never ever
    in over 5 yrs charged to the account.
    My credit reports show 60 months of 1s -
    and the limit.

    One of those lucky "positive" accounts.
    FYI - I pushed the button for a replacement card, and Mervyns sent it within a day or two. YUP the account is active.

    AMEX reporting is the greatest help.
    CYA Dog
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    RE: Retail cards, do some have

    Thanks Dog, i have done that with target, hit a button and get 100.00. I think I may keep sears, one of my oldest and get rid of target,and penney's. i need to cut these accounts down some, so some retail must go!
    Nice to hear from you Dog:)


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