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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Terry, Jun 28, 2001.

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    Here is my perspective on Retention. I am a Customer Service Supervisor for a MAJOR Wireless Phone company. Retention is easy, almost every company has a department that works actively to "save" customers. We have Customer Advocates that handle escalated issues....such as planet feedback issues. They don't have the power retention reps have.

    We have a Retention group within our call center, about 100 agents. Customer Advocates have less authority than Retention teams. Here is the logic. I don't know if this is true with other companies but we cannot cancel an account! ALL CANCELED ACCOUNTS MUST GO THROUGH RETENTION. When Retention closes an account they have to use a code. The feedback is given to the Marketing Department to insure customers aren't lied to (by sales people), or they are not going to another carrier because they can get something we don't offer, or disatisfied with the service for any reason.

    In today's market, any company that doesn't have a retention department will be left in the cold! Retention reps usually get a HEFTY bonus monthly. They're usually sales people in a past life, and they know how to negogiate. They use the same system that customer service uses, and can see any notes that customer service reps place on the account. They do have an added bonus, they can do things that no other department within the company can do.

    I can't imagine that credit card companies are any different. They incent those folks well! I have read many posts regarding customer service and retention. I am a supervisor in a call center that takes about 50,000 calls per day. I take escalated calls from my representatives daily. I learned the technique, just hold your ground. Reps can't hang up on you because calls are monitored, and recorded. One trick is to start off very nice, and make sure you get the reps full name. Once you have that information, you are ready to bargin. Remember those reps take about 100-150 calls per shift. Usually being nice will get you somewhere, if not escalate to a supervisor. Don't accept the standard line, "my supervisor is not available" that is bull! There is a supervisor somewhere, it may take them time to get one but they are available. If they are like me, I just give the customer what they want so I don't have to hear the complaining!

    Another trick is to make sure they look at your account, if they do, it should automatically logg their name. It creates an audit trail. Just my two cents.
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    Your post is VERY EXCELLENT;I was in retention for AT&T Wireless for 10 years & can validate every word you stated.

    I would have remained w/them today w/the exception that I was not interested in relocation & tired of constant verbal debates because truly,customers always want more regardless of what you offer.

    They would let us spend as much to satisfy the client based on a 12 month average;so if you were a "heavy hitter",the sky virtually had not limit.

    I have had conversations w/$15.00 per mo rate plan(plus tax ONLY) clients that wanted $400.00 3 watt booster kits w/installation(free @ cost to company)& no contract(let me tell you,that was NOT going to happen).

    Yet, I've had customers that billed 3-4 figures each MONTH call to ask if I would PO for removal/reinstall of 3 watt installed equip into new vehicle(I gladly paid $150.00 for them;these people were asking for 2%-3% of what they billed on a monthly basis...I would waive asking for a renewal).

    I refuse to take "no" for an answer & tell ANYBODY to always ask(because it is either yes or no...then you have a Retention Mgr/Customer Service Mgr/Pres of Customer Services/President of this order).

    Retention is the SUCCESS of every company;they are not going to start off with the heavy equipment to save the account;they are LISTENING to see what will appease you.

    Sister Girl

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