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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by M&M, Jun 1, 2000.

  1. M&M

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    I am looking for a credit card that offers cash rewards (and not for select on-line merchants) or a card offering mileage on TWA.
    My intent is now to do monthly budgeting via a one bill system - groceries, gas, misc. monthly living expenses. I intend to pay the balance monthly and have excellent credit.
    Any recommendations?
    Appreciate your responses.
  2. spyguyjim

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    TWA offers its own Aviators Visa/Mastercard that ties into the Aviators Club Program. You'll get bonus miles just for signing, plus 1.5 Aviator miles for every dollar spent on the card. Then after the flight, you send in your boarding passes to Aviator and you get credit again. Pretty slick. The issuer is MBNA American Bank.

    Call 1-800-523-7666 (ad says to metion priority code RM92)

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