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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CapOne Use, May 18, 2000.

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    I noticed that as soon as my Capital One secured card turned one year old, the billing is now routed to Seattle, Washington instead of Richmond, Virginia. I have an excellent history and earned a $1500 line increase 9 months into my account. I am hoping that they will release my security funds as promised. I have no negative marks on my credit report anymore. Maybe they will let me have a Platinum.
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    RE: Richmond/Seattle Capital O

    If they unsecure your card, please let us know. My record with Capital One has been perfect for over four years and they refuse my yearly requests for unsecured status on the basis of going overlimit once, five years ago.
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    RE: Richmond/Seattle Capital O

    I have an unsecured Platinum card with Cap One. I started out with a secured card and when they wouldn't unsecure it I cancelled it several years ago, even though I had an excellent payment history with the exception of one late pay. Cap One looks back 36 months, and if you have one late pay with them they won't unsecure. I cancelled, but while bidding on a ticket for PriceLine, there was an ad to apply for a Platinum Cap One card, so I did, (because they would add $50 to my bid) thinking I would be turned down, the only bad thing would be another inquiry. Within two weeks, I opened my mail to find an unsecured Capital One Card with a $5000 limit! Sometimes, it pays to leave for a while...they will ask you to come back!
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    RE: Richmond/Seattle Capital O

    Capitol-one is a good card, but they do some of the stranges things. One month they turn your request for a CLA increase down and the next they give you an unsolicited CLA increase. Go figure!

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