Rip Off Report Attacks Creditnet . . .

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by apexcrsrv, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    Just as they have me, Jason Barnette, Esq., Barnette Law Offices, LLC and Apex Credit Services, LLC, ROR is allowing malicious attacks on their board regarding Creditnet. For all that gain free info here, I encourage you to go to their board and set the record straight. You owe it to this site.

    I've personally sued them and the service of process from the WV SOS can be found below:

    Search Status of Process Service:

    Civil Action Defendant Service Date Response Code Date Signed Who Signed County
    08-C-1859 Xcentric Ventures, LLC 9/25/2008 a 10/2/2008 david lanier ? Kanawha
    08-C-1859 Xcentric Ventures d/b/a 9/26/2008 n/a Kanawha

    Civil Action: 08-C-1859
    Defendant: Xcentric Ventures, LLC
    Agent: c/o Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.-Reg. Agent
    City/State/Zip: Phoenix, AZ 85012
    County: Kanawha
    Service Date: 9/25/2008 12:00:00 AM
    Date Signed: 10/2/2008 12:00:00 AM
    Who Signed: david lanier ?
    Response Code: a
    Response Details:

    This is all I can do but, we can all chime in to say that this site is an excellent resource.
  2. jjgross

    jjgross Well-Known Member

    As all of you know this board has helped my family with so many good poster's,helping to clear my cfedit report.As this attack continues on apex and credit net i feel that their using the guise of free speech to try and destroy the above.If they continue to abuse that freedom.By editing post (censorship) they have chosen to mock freedom of speech and what it stands for.I have tried to post and i'm not allowed.So where does their freedom start and mine end.As for fred/stan/ed/beth/lassie and attilla the hun.My thought if he/she/it has a problem they should have the court decide the issue.However they can't because they know they don't have a case.Rip off report has abridged my freedom of speech rights by not allowing me to post.This site has never edited my posts even when i call a collector a boot licking lackey.So which site has freedom of speech
  3. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    They only allow posts that further their cause most of the time. Moreover, they know that most of the posts are coming from one person that was booted off this board long ago.

    Hell, one of the posts stated Fred at the top and then was signed Susan at the bottom! They changed that when one of my employees pointed it out.
  4. woofer

    woofer Well-Known Member

    Me thinks this is coming from DB.
  5. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    I hope you had pdf copies or something before it was changed. Definitely shows them altering posts, doesn't it?
  6. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    We've saved everything and alot of the recent stuff is certainly Kevin or Pam . . .
  7. wayhigh

    wayhigh Member

    I got a call last night from someone that said that although I haven't been around in months, I'm a rockstar and teeming throngs of hot women are calling my name over here... Honestly, get a life. It's hard, so hard, when groupies keep calling for me to resurrect the band.

    I'm no longer part of the credit repair scene, I no longer have anything to do whatsoever with DB--my accounts there were locked after I kicked them off my server, and I'd like to discourage people here talking about me--especially when it's unfounded allegations of wrongdoing.

    My life is MUCH better without having to deal with insane people all the time. I do miss baiting all y'all into a frothing mess but I've learned over time that the payoff is just too small and this RX has some serious side effects.

    I dare say that I have grown bored of you Apex. *GASP* I believe you lack creativity and foresight. You seem too quick to run down the path of some harebrained hypothesis when all the while you should have known that I'm far more creative than whatever louts you see on RoR (I still haven't looked so I have no idea what y'all are talking about). I'm also offended that you never even bothered to ask if it was me or if I knew who it was.

    I believe there's a bad actor amongst yourselves that is playing all sides. He has been on all boards for some time and seems to enjoy stoking your fires.


    PS: I'd like to give a shout out to Tommy*cough*cough*Pale Rider.
  8. woofer

    woofer Well-Known Member

    Interesting that someone called you, as I did not see anywhere "Kevin"was mentioned except once.
    No screaming female fans here after you,IMO.
    Now you say you no longer are on the board, and I will accept that, so don't worry yourself into a tizzy about what is happening here.
  9. wayhigh

    wayhigh Member

    Alright, I'm off...

    Send me an email if any of you want access to my RBL list for proxies. There's a couple of bad actors that would likely be eliminated by it.

  10. jjgross

    jjgross Well-Known Member

    wh waits in hiding until his prey walks by he springs upon his prey he suddenly finds he's been declawed and defanged he shuffles back to hidden lair the rockstar has aged and he now will have to gum his food.
  11. wayhigh

    wayhigh Member

    Are you saying I'm from Britain?

    (I just realized that I totally want to stay away but it's just too difficult when there's an amusing thread like this one going on...argh)
  12. jjgross

    jjgross Well-Known Member

    No just having fun by pointing out that none of us are as important as we thing we are.After all we all are aging rock stars in our own minds.However the attacts on this board and apex are without merit and that's the point of this thread.
  13. woofer

    woofer Well-Known Member

    I nkow the feeling. ; )
  14. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you're done with DB Kevin. I will no longer name you in anything.

    However, if you do have some information about who it may be, I'd be interested in knowing. Steve shut down a thread on DB concerning it and I personally give him credit for that.

    You may email if you like. Oh, and for what it's worth, I found you to be an idiot too so I guess we're on even ground there. Perhaps, we can speak to one another idiot to idiot?
  15. wayhigh

    wayhigh Member

    I'll be sending you a PM filled with drool any time now...
  16. TeeVeeDude

    TeeVeeDude Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the obvious history and "bad blood" between DB and Apex, or DB and creditnet.

    All I know is that I post on both boards. I've learned a lot from people on both boards. DB provided the nuts-and-bolts for my successful lawsuit against a rogue collection agency. This board provided the info that got almost all of the "baddies" removed from my credit report.

    I've never seen a derogatory comment about this board on DB.
  17. woofer

    woofer Well-Known Member

    Deleted as no need to go into old history rehash it all and then start a new war.
  18. flacorps

    flacorps Well-Known Member

    I have been peripherally caught up in wars among the boards ... mostly had to do with the old AoC. I try to avoid it.

    Anybody who pays attention to Rip off Report with respect to something they're getting for free is sort of silly, wouldn't you say?
  19. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    I'd rather not go into the history of DB-IC-AOC here. One, I wasn't really involved in it and secondly, it is childish.

    It wasn't a full scale war so to speak it was just a handful of members against members. Personally, I find DB's all out litigious mode of operation dangerous but, that is me. There can be good information found there but, I wouldn't rank it up with CN. That said, Steve locked a post that could have went sour both ways and I think Kevin and I may get some information shared.

    Therefore, they're not "all" loons. Mainly, we (Apex and I) got caught in a vortex over simple disagreements. Very silly and what one poster did was over the top in my opinion. However, I would rather let sleeping dogs lie.

    Finally, what woofer says is true from my understanding. However, there are some helpful people over there just be careful of their methodologies. They can and have backfired.

    Anyway, nothing they could have done or will ever do can amount to the damage inflicted by ROR. And, that is what this topic is about.
  20. woofer

    woofer Well-Known Member

    Well maybe they are learning.
    Myself I will stay away from that board.
    I think we all can learn a lot from the several different boards available.
    AoC was my board of choice,and I still go to CB ,to say hello sometimes, as there are many good people there and there is a wealth of knowledge in my opinion on that board, although there are so many many many posts that things get lost.
    Al the boards were started to HELP people and to create a community of people that wanted to help and also needed help and to gain knowledge.
    I never understood why there was so much ranting,and manic hate,and at times it got down right scary.


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