Rip Off Report Doesn't Allow Rebuttals

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by apexcrsrv, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. apexcrsrv

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    At least not from those who've filed suit against them. I, Jason Barnette, one of my corportations, Apex Credit Services, LLC, and my firm, Barnette Law Offices, LLC, cannot post any rebuttals on their site. Let me re-phrase, I can post but, they won't post them.

    Seems if they claim immunity under the Communications Decency Act, they wouldn't edit and/or prohibit posts in defense of one's self and/or their respective corporations.

    Then again, perhaps I'm just stupid.
  2. lisa

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    Creditnet just posted a few rebuttals so we will see if they are posted after midnight as Ripoffreport claims they will be. It will be nice when you can finally expose the guy who is behind all of this.

  3. Hedwig

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    I found several threads over there. If they allow your rebuttals, can you post the link?
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  6. Hedwig

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    Thanks, lisa.

    Good job. I hope Jason is successful in getting these guys.
  7. woofer

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  8. lisa

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    Are you able to load any of the page? I have found that their server is quite unreliable and will time out a few times before I can actually load the page; I just keep pressing the refresh button. When I finally am able to load the page, I do see our rebuttal at the bottom.
  9. woofer

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    Thanks Lisa, I did hti last night, and no go, but today I did get to see it with the refresh button, but it takes aong time and I have fast service.

    What I don ot understand is, the person or persons that own that board, WHY are they letting this happen? Or is it the person that owns the board is the one that is ranting about APEX?

  10. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    My suspicion is that Rip Off Report actually manipulates the metatags. They get more hits this way and can in my opinion "extort" more money this way. In former depositions, employees of ROR have admitted to this as I "believe" Madegson has as well. Their Consumer Advocacy Program consists of you paying Ed or Jaburg and Wilk (their defense firm) and they will delete the posts or sidebar them with favorable comments. Just google them and you'll find several depositions.

    They feel, as does their defense counsel, that they can claim immunity behind the Communication Decency Act. However, immunity is destroyed when you edit posts. They have on one of mine and now completely prohibit me from posting. I'd argue that is editorial discretion. Anything that mentions my suit against them never appears.

    Of course now, the people from Debtorboards have started since CN is killing them along with Infinitecredit in terms of posters. They accuse ACS of making money from CN and IC. This of course is silly insofar as Lisa has been kind enough to allow us to post our link b/c we provide accurate info to consumers (which is "defrauding the creditors according to Hank/Fred/Stan). Excuse ACS for actually knowing the law and how to apply it.

    Fred/Hank/Stan is the same person and was banned from here long ago. So was everyone from DB. In turn, they've jumped in on ROR.

    However, and back to the question, I just think ROR doesn't care. They've had several default judgments and are sued relentlessly. In short, it is probably more profitable for them to extort money and get sued on a marginal level. Most people never litigate mind you.
  11. woofer

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    Thanks for the information and as for the many aliases, and the mention of DB, I see it all much more clearly. : (
  12. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    DB hates this board and anyone that disagrees with them.
  13. woofer

    woofer Well-Known Member

    True and there are a lot of Sybil types on there.
    : (
  14. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    The are like children. Disagree with them and they ban you and then make blogs about you.

    Beautiful thing is now they've chimed in on ROR and I named Does 1 through 10. If I can make it discovery, their fair game and I will amend the Complaint to include them.

    Really brave or really stupid. I'm inclined to go for the latter.

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