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    I received a letter from AMEX today. The letter is dated 11/16/00, just one day after I applied for the interest checking account. This is interesting because the letter states that AMEX ran an Experian credit report. Remember we thought they didn't run a CR until after the account was approved based on a clean checksytem report. Not so! AMEX ran both a checksystem report and a credit report via Experian on the day I applied or at least the day after I applied.

    That means the rep gave me inaccurate information. When I called on 11/16/00 and received my account number I was fully approved! However, the rep stated that I was approved based on checksystem but no credit report had been ran. Maybe it was too early for the rep to see final approval but she also said that the credit check would be several days later. Anyway, her information was not accurate.

    The letter I received today said that my request for overdraft protection is being denied based on the Experian report. I know this wasn't a soft inquiry because the letter went into great detail about my credit history. I just called and the rep told me that my approval is final and my checks and ATM card will probably arrive day after Thanksgiving or Saturday!

    Maybe because I ask for overdraft protection they quickly ran a credit check. Maybe those whose credit check didn't happen in the beginning didn't request overdraft protection.
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    I didn't request overdraft protection because I was under the impression that you had to keep a certain amount of balance at all times,like $5,000.00 or $10,000. By the way, I recieved my checks today. ATM card should come anyday. I'm glad you were approved and will be establishing a reputation wit Amex now. That's a good sign for you. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!!At least you'll have a prime checking account with Amex"s name on it.
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    Yep! That is good news!

    Guess what? AMEX called me tonight! I have internet call waiting with caller ID. Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling through the threads on this board and a message popped-up saying American Express was calling! I quickly logged-off and called them back. They were confused about my address. I applied using residential address but later called and added my post office box. They mailed checks to residential address and wanted to know was that OK! Boy I never had customer service like that! I will be glad when I can get a card with them. By the way, how does the checks look? Is American Express written on them, or Centurion Bank, or Membership Banking?
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    The checks are your basic blue! It has American Express symbol with Membership Banking beside that,it says American Express
    Centurion Bank. They send you a boo of 35 checks and a brochere where you can reorder different styles, I personally like the basic blue. Don't want to distract from the name!!!!LOL!!!! I have recieved excellent sevice from them so far with card and checking. Sometimes you have to just go for it regardless of what some people opinions are. I think that some of these peope that pop-up on this board that aren't regulars give misleading info or false info. Do you happen to have the FCNB card? I got a secure one recently and they're good CS for sub-prime.
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    No I don't have FCNB card. By the time I became aware of them I had too many sub prime cards (Orchard,DMB, and Providian). I didn't see the point in adding another. Everybody here speaks well of them. My current goal is to get a Citibank. Once I get the last of my collections removed I think I get the Citibank. Through your encouragement to be patient I am chilling! It will all come together.
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    That's a wise decision.Happy turkey day !!!! Having Roasted duck here!!! The holidays are upon us again!! How time flies!!!!!!

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