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    Yeah...I've been watching that...all the questions and answers and MUCH MORE could've been find here on CN. She got lucky. Nobody asked her any REAL QUESTION ???

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    One caller had the MULTIPLE NAME...
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    they need to brodcast this on the web
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    Hey Robin, I have a question 4 ya. The funniest thing happened to me, I signed up with Equifax gold and am a proud gold member. I pulled my credit report EVERY day because I am a "great" customer and couldn't get enough. I mean I pulled my credit report every day because I love Equifax and love what they say about me. Infact I love Equifax SO much and how they report accurate information.

    The funniest thing happened to me ROBIN, I noticed they did not have room for anymore inquirys anymore and the old inquirys started going away.

    I was SO thankfull to see that you deleted 6 positive accounts to make room for the daily pulls.

    I called Equifax and asked WTF? Do you know what they told me Robin?

    My 6 older creditors all called the same day and asked for my positive accounts to be removed at that time! They did not bother to call Experian or Transunion because I am a GOLD member only with Equifax.

    The GREAT lady on the phone actually confirmed that the 6 creditors all called on the same day to confirm this action.

    Robin, it is SO nice to know that I was really taken care of right away!

    The other 6 positive creditors did not even bother to remove the positive accounts in a single day on my other credit reports.

    Robin, Equifax is the best thing that EVER happened to me and I was wondering why Transunion or Experian have not taken care of these positive accounts?

    It was SO nice of you to delete 6 positive accounts in one day and I can not do a thing about it!

    And trust me Robin the phone people are so up to date with this information and go by the book. How does it feel to have your employees 100% on your side, that really believe in the company?

    Robin, you are the greatest thing that EVER happened to me and I hope we can continue to do things in the future together!

    Equifax rules!!! Can we discuss this on T.V?

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