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    You have a Providian Gold, right? I just got this card w/ a $500 limit in 11/00. I didn't bother trying to get them to waive the annual fee, becaude many on this board said without any previous credit, I probably wouldn't get it. I have been using this card pretty frequently since I received it, but do you think it's necissary for me to wait 3 months before I try to get a lower APR or a grace? I don't want to say "work with me or I'm closing the account" because I need this card and don't want to sound stupid when they decide they don't want to negotiate w/ me. Any advice? Thanks!
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    Any advice? That 23.99% is just irritating the you know what out of me. It's like I can't rest until I get a better rate, a grace period, and no annual fee. I understand that this takes time, especially since this is my first true credit card, but this board has encouraged me to be persistent...
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    RE: dave

    If your card is maxed out they may not do it.I have a $1000.00 limit but I keep my balance under$ 200.00 the first rep i spoke to told me that I had to wait three months before they would even look at my account.I called again 30 minutes later ,and told a diferent rep I couldnt afford to use my card because the apr was too high.and she offered me a 19.8. I did not mention canceling the card. Call anyway its worth a try.
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    thanks, rolo!

    I guess it doesn't hurt to try. Did you immediately ask for retention or did you just talk to regular reps?
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    RE: thanks, rolo!

    the second time I called i did.
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    If they say no try again in a couple of days. theire was a lady on this board that called numerous times before she got anything done.

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