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    I just noticed your post about Arrow trying to collect an account from Capital One. Your guess was correct; it really is the old Signet bank account.

    Capital One is the old credit card division of Signet Bank, which was spun off as an independent company. They would still have legal rights, whatever they may be, to any Signet bank account.

    Knowing where this account came from may give you an edge in proving illegal redating, SOL expiration, or whatever issue you choose.

    I didn't notice any other post that addressed this particular fact.
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    Just a FYI.. Be very careful if/when you deal with Arrow. I dealt with them on my old Cap 1 charge-off. This was before I found this board and found out that I went by it all wrong. They will send you "settlement" letters that are incorrect, argreed upon amounts never seem to match. Of course they arrive days after the argreed upon payment day, while you are waiting for the "settlement" agreement, they are calling for payment. I really wish I found this board before I even sent them a dime. I finally talked to Cap 1 about them, and Cap 1 accepted the 1K I already sent in as payment on a 3K chargeoff. Now all I have to do is get it off my reports. Good Luck
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    That is exactly what I was thinking. When I researched Signet bank a few years ago, when I got my first paycheck, I was actually gonna start paying this debt. Then I found out it was capital one. Then I just left it alone. The last time anyone from them sent me a letter was in 1996. I charged off the card in 1992. My SOL is wwwwway gone. But I am sure of it's origin. I also know Capital one doesnot have a neg against me because I have had 3 cards from them since then. Like I said before it has already dropped from my reports. It was only on my equifax as I recall at one time. Thanks for your support though. I dont want to battle arrow if they try to reage it. I hope they disappear with a put up or shut up letter.

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    If you had read my original post on this subject, you would know that I am well aware of the kind of scum Arrow Financial Services is. I wanted to drive to Lincoln, Ill and kick some butt when I dealt with them the first time. They wont get anything from me but my middle finger.


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