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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nave, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. Nave

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    I have a new Cap One card (10 days old) with a $72/year fee, 19+% interest and $200 limit.

    Thanks to Roni and others advice from a day or 2 ago I called Cap One retention (1(800)889-9939) and informed them that there were others offering me cards at considerably better incentives like "Providian who gave me a $36/year card with 17% interest".

    With no begging or pleading and only a dash of humble, he upped my limit to $500, and reduced my annual fee to $36 ($3 credit for every month I paid the $6 fee in good standing).

    Once again, Thanks. This board is great and you all have helped me so much I figured I'd post this so others can see it works. - Dave
  2. mvfl

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    I tried to get a limit increase from Cap 1 but unfortunately, I accidentally went over my whopping $200 limit recently so I was denied the increase. Do you think it would work if I called retention and told them I'm thinking of cancelling? Or does it only work with perfect payment history and no over the limits?
  3. sam

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    They'll give you $100 limit. but you'll have to wait 6 months for anything more.

    BTW, Dave- Call up retention tomorrow and ask them to bill you yearly for the fee, and they will increase your credit line $100 :)
  4. mvfl

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    Anyone have the number for their retention department?
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  6. mvfl

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    Thanks! Didn't realize it was in the original post.

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