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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, May 3, 2001.

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    I wanted to make sure you saw this post. So I started a new post.


    I had my wallet stolen from work also, while I was living in Memphis, TN. Long story and in two short hours the â??criminalâ? max out my cards, emptied my checking WITH A DEBT CARD, and wrote out three bogus checks. Here are some other things to watch for with a stolen purse.

    If your house and or car keys were in your purse CHANGE ALL LOCKS NOW. Trust me on this one. The man who stolen my purse came back for my car, at work, later the same day. I donâ??t mean to scare you. But they now know where you live. They know what kind of car you drive. They know where you work. Etc.

    Check your home phone bills. They â??mightâ? charge collect phone calls to your home number. Same goes for those 900 numbers. If you had an address book in you purse tell your friend and family to be on the look out for anything funny with their phone bills too. Check any calling cards also.

    I understand you will be moving into a new house soon (right?) with your SS number out there you might want to contact the utility companies so no one opens any accounts under your SS number. There would be nothing worst then trying to get you phone turned on in your new house and you canâ??t.

    Get a police report. I canâ??t stress this enough. I was very lucky, the head of security for the company I worked for was an ex-Memphis policeman he pulled so major strings and the â??career criminalâ? who got my purse was picked up in two days. He made arrangements to have the police do drive bys around my apartment for three days because his record had B&Eâ??s on it.

    Note on the debt card, my criminal was able to empty my checking by using the debt card at gas stations and stores that use POP (point of purchase) machines. You know where you swipe the card and it asks you if you want money back. He would purchase something for 5 bucks and ask for 20, 30, 40 dollars back in cash. He just keep on going till it declined him. He left me with .91 cents. Mighty nice of him.

    On the police report, have them list all accounts so if something does go wrong and the CC companies become a pain, you have something in your favor showing you reported the card stolen in a timely manner.

    Lastly, check with your HR department about personal theft on/during work hours. They are required to make your work area safe this includes theft. My company was 100 percent to blame for the theft and I was reimbursed for the cost of my wallet, purse, all contents, all bank fees (I had to order new checks, etc.), I got total reimbursement for everything.

    Trust me I know it sucks big time. But you will survive.
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    Wow D, thanks for sharing your story. I want to first say that my wallet was stolen not my purse. That makes a HUGE difference, b/c we all know what a woman can carry in her

    All I had in my wallet were the items I listed in the post : Credit Cards, Military ID, Driver's License, diamond stud earrings, $100 cash, 3 debit cards and a few business cards.

    I had taken out my calling cards, blockbuster card, gym membership card, etc.

    I dont think anything on there had my current address.

    I had already thought about everything you said by address etc. I hope I am cleared on that. Also almost everyone at my job knows where I live b/c people have a big mouth....

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    Hello Roni,

    After I posted I re-read your post and realized that you only had your wallet stolen. I guess you can think of my post as a â??share my story to help someone else in the futureâ? type of post. I am very happy (well not really happy, but you know what I mean) to hear that they just took the cash and didnâ??t use any of the cards.

    Any thought to contacting your HR department? If you believe it was a co-worker is there anything you can do within your company?

    Just for personal safety, be careful for the next few weeks you donâ??t know what they really did with the wallet. Weâ??d hate to have anything happen to you.

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