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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Shelby, Apr 21, 2001.

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    I just got approved for a FNBM card. You told me in a post before that you started your rebuilding with this card. I was glad to get it but am a little fearful since it is a subprime there anything I should watch out for? Was your experience with them good? I only want to keep it long enough to build a positive trade line and when my credit gets better and I get better offers I will close it. The rep on the phone was very nice and seemed to be very up front about all the fees. She also told me I would be eligible for credit limit increases every 6 months. How did you find the customer service? and did you get regular increases every 6 months as they say? Will they lower the apr after establishing a good record with them? Any info you can share would be very helpful! Thanks in advance!
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    They will give you a $100 increase every 6 months as long as you have no lates or over limits. Customer service is fine. After about 1 year of on time payments they will offer you a preapproved mastercard with better terms. As far as the apr goes, I'm not sure whether they will lower later or not.
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    I had no problems with them. BUT, they have the annoying habit of calling you before the payment is due, if they havenot received it asking for a payment over the phone.

    They charge the $6/mo fee just like First Premier. Other than those 2 points they are cool. I had them for one year and closed the account. I didnot want to pay $72 a year for a credit card when I had better cards. But when my student loans defaulted I didnot know it then but I am sure no other bank would have touched me. They sent me an approval for their secured card. I am glad I did.


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