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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laura, Jan 20, 2001.

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    Just curious, why do they suggest not to dispute more than at a time? And do you wait until that is completely cleared up to try 4 more? I know I ask alot of questions. One more, I have one medical bill on my equifax being reported 4 different times. And, do you have to give a reason for the dispute or can you just dispute? What if the debt is yours and you know it is. Would you still dispute, what would you say?
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    Did you read my post a few threads down? Make sure you do.

    Now your questions:

    Why do you dispute no more than 4?
    A: For is pushing it. They can disregard your dispute as Frivolous and Irrelevant. Then you have to go thru the process of challening that. That is an unnecessary head ache that you do not want.

    Do you Wait until it is uncompletely Cleared up?
    A. Yes. Credit repair takes time and patience. Rushing disputes will look like you are just trying to clean your credit. Take your time. The credit bureaus are not nice. Do no give them any reason to give you a hard time. They are hard to fight.

    Do you have to give a reason for Dispute?
    A. Always. If you dont the credit bureau will send a letter to you saying your dispute was vague. Basically they are stalling. You must give a basic reason without long drawn out details. Any info you give they will use against you. In the post below I listed 2 sample dispute letters that I changed a little and used along with the reasons for disputes the CBs like to use.


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