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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pecd, Oct 26, 2000.

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    You asked if I disputed a charge off yet-- it was a phone bill that i never received, the debt was purchased by gulf state. gulf state sent me a letter to an old address which i never received, and now it's a charge off on my report.

    I asked, who has the authority to remove this from my report. Phone company says they sold the debt to gulf state so they don't have authority anymore. Gulf State said to contact Experion, b/c they don't have the authority-- only experion does.

    I haven't disputed it-- b/c the bill wasn't paid, however, i never received it or anythign from the collection agency.

    Who do I dispute it with and can I dispute it since the bill was never paid-- it's not a mistake.
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    You should always dispute a bill first. If it is deleted by chance the matter is over. At least for a while, because they could always respond to verification later and the credit bureau will put it back on your report. This happens less with a paid collection but there is not guarantee even then. Somehow, I get the impression that you have not read alot about credit repair from your response to my question. Also because I know you are new to these message boards. Reading a credit repair book is very valuable in trying to repair your credit. There is a free book to download at quality credit repair website. Look at the top of the board. You are not trying to buy a house by next month right? So dispute the item first with experian and equifax and transunion if necessary. Gulf State sounds like they may not verify it is paid. I am just guessing here. Then if it is not off, I would pay it if it is a small amount. I repeat This is what I would do. Then I would dispute it again. Since you are trying to buy a home in the future the thing will have to be paid. But once you pay it gs may not respond to the verification. Good Luck.
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    Thank you... I downloaded the

    booklet and it's very, very helpful. I appreciate your time and your response.

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