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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by river, Mar 7, 2001.

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    Monday of this week I had a posted a message and had made the statement that Macy's East was reporting my acc't "closed by credit grantor".You suggested calling Macy's credit department and tell them that it was wrong and could they please change it to reflect correct info.Well,guess what,I just called and spoke to a rep and told her that I just recievied my updated credit report and that I noticed that my report reflected that acc't was closed by grantor and that was wrong.Gave specific dates such as when it was opened and I had 1 30-day late and when I had changed jobs that I surrendered the card voluntarily.She changed it from "closed by credit grantor" to " closed by consumer request" right there while I was on phone and said the computer would send up date to CRA's and it would be corrected in the next 30 days.Thank you so much again for the idea,your awsome girl.BTW,I wanted a recent update anyway on Macy's because last update was last October.This will help my credit reports so much,another one bites the dust.
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    I told you I was a Major schemer - lol. I am so happy it worked. You just exercised the skill you need to win back your creditpower. I hope all else works out for you as well.


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