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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Skip, Nov 21, 2000.

  1. Skip

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    I've been following another bulletin board on and off for a year. About a month ago I saw a post you placed which directed me to this bb. From the info gleaned from this board I've reduced my interest rate on three cards by 7% each. I must be saving at least $75.00 per month on interest! Plus waived annual fees!!! I had no idea!! and I'd been paying these rates for 3 years! This board is outrageous. There's allmost to much info here. I think you know Dan from the other board and it was sad to see him leave.It's people like you, him ,and the others here that make these boards wonderfull. No telling how many others you have or will continue to help! But here's one concrete example Thanks! Skip
  2. roni

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    That's sweet.

    I obviously spend alot of my time on this board and others. I enjoy it. As you well know, I was slapped in the face with some cold reality about credit and learned quickly that everyone will step on your head when you are down. I have learned so much from sites like these as well. Dan is the man, and it is sad that he let morons run him away. Almost happened to me here but then I said f- the dumb sh-it. I always out last the jokesters. Glad to hear of your apr reductions. Keep up the good work. And Good Luck!

  3. anonymous

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    RE: That's sweet.


    Could you provide a list of other really good boards?

  4. roni

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    Not really

    This one is the only good board around. I would stick with this one. IF you want an archive of good older info, is awesome. However, lately the posters are just a little to desperate and the board is plaqued with scammers trying to sale their credit repair ripeoff programs. I from time to time check in at the following sites:

    By the way guys junum is trying to get a message board started. I think us junum customers should check that out.

  5. Skip

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    RE: Not really used to be an excellent place but so many quality posters left or were even chased off by scammers-really sad.

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