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  1. rolo

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    I recieved my check from house hold bank on friday.I am sending the credit package in monday.I am very happy to buy a new car and not have to fill out a credit application with a dealer.Its 13.9 but with my credit history im not complaining.Thanks for the information.
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    That is great news. Aren't they great? I got 13.9% also. And with my credit, I didnot complain. Especially with some of the rates I read about. Depending on if the dealer is used to subprime lender, you may have to wait 24 hours for the check to clear. The dealer I used never heard of Household and waited 24 hours before letting me take the car. I didnot care though. Overall almost all the other dealers I went to had Household on their list of banks. So chances are you wont have a problem. Enjoy your new car/truck. Also if you need more money you can get it up a bit. They approved me for one amount and I called them and they extended the payments and gave me $2K more.

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    RE: Cool!!

    thats good my wife, is is getting a new christmas present.
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    what is the website address
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  6. Russ

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    er.. I mean
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    thanx russ.

    that's better.

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    oops. see correct address below for all you followers.


    Russ wrote:

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