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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Laray, Jun 3, 2001.

  1. Laray

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    Ok, I received these in the mail this week and just had time to analyze.

    Lexington disputed three items with Experian.
    A department store account which is closed and paid, but had two latenesses.
    -Discover with 6 lates
    -PECO Energy (I ordered my credit report and noticed that they said the account was closed at credit grantor's request. But I closed it on my own becuase I was moving out of the apartment.) No lates.

    The Store account was updated to reflect the balance being paid like two years ago.
    -Discover was removed.
    -PECO remains.
    This report was dated for 5/27/01.

    Then I received a letter from experian dated 5/30/01 saying the information that was updated or deleted has been verified and reinserted, so I am not sure whether that applies to the Discover or the store account.

    Next: Transunion 5/21/01

    GTE Visa Account (5 lates)
    Collection Account
    Discover Financial

    For the GTE Visa and Discover it says new information below, but its the same information so I guess it was just verified.

    The Collection account was deleted.

    Next: Equifax

    Collection Account (mentioned above)
    Store account (mentioned above)

    Collection and Discover both deleted and store account was verified.

    So I dont know whether to be happy or sad. I guess its ok for Round 1. JUst worried they will reinsert more stuff now. How does the whole reinsertion process work anyway? Like after they verify or do whatever and then close the investigation, how is it possible just go back and say "ok, remember that account we talked about a few days ago, well we gave you the wrong answer."

    Hopefully the next round puts me farther ahead.

    Does anyone know where online you can request the most recent copies of your credit report? Some of the ones I have are showing as of 3/01...looking for really fresh reports!

  2. Nave

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    The CRA responds to you with updated reports having deleted some items because their verification was not returned in a timely manner (within approximately 30 days). If after the updated reports were sent, the verification came in (still within the reporting SOL), the reporting agency will re-insert the item and must notify you that they have received the verification and have re-inserted the previously deleted item.

    Hopefully Lexington will take a different tactic on round 2 seeing that item return. I would call them and see what they say they can do (if anything), or if you must deal with the creditor or collection company to prevent them from verifying during the next round. Luckily all my negative items are old and are not verified very easily. What is the age of the re-inserted item(s)?

    I use Junum and order my reports directly from the CRA's for accuracy. I do not use the online or merged reports to send to Junum. However, I use online reports to check up on things from time to time and to get a score from those that have online scoring.

    Good luck with round 2, let us know how Lex handles the re-insertion problem.


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