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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, Aug 27, 2001.

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    Hi everyone -- I know I haven't been around much lately but I did want to share my results from Experian on round 3.

    Lexington disputed three tradelines: Discover, American General and Americredit (my car loan). Discover and American General were deleted and Americredit verified.

    Now I knew American General would be a deletion because I'd already spoken to them on the telephone after contacting them through planetfeedback. The weird thing is that Discover has already verified to Trans Union and Equifax and Americredit FAILED to verify to Trans Union and Equifax.

    This leaves me with 7 negative items on Experian (two tax liens with one showing paid, and five other negative accounts) and 15 positives. I also have four hard inquiries with the newest one being from September of 2000.

    Also of note -- this is the first time I've actually gotten an entire credit report in the mail from Experian. The other two rounds they only sent me a one page listing of what they deleted and what remained on my report.

    When I began the repair process with Lexington in March of this year, I had thirteen negative items on my Experian report. I don't know what my score was at that point, but after the first round when Credit Expert first became available my score was 575 so it had to have been even worse than that before the first round deletions. As of today it's 617. There are four negative items on my Experian report that Lexington has yet to dispute: The two California state tax liens, an MBNA charge-off and a listing from Gulf State that represents an old Citibank charge-off. Gulf State sold the account to The Credit Store and I was successful in stopping them from taking any action with it.

    I should be hearing from Equifax and Trans Union soon. I'll post the results. So far, Equifax is my best report (I'll check my score again after the next results are in), Experian is second and Trans Union is by far my worst.

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