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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Twen0, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Twen0

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    I just recieved a letter from the law firm of Bowman, Heintz, Boscia & Vician stating that "A lump sum cash settlement of $1590.00 is acceptable to your creditor. Make payment directly to this office within 5 days. Failure to comply may result in legal action for collection of the full balance due." The letter states it is regarding Creditor: Midland Credit Management vs ME. What do I do? They do have an office in Chicago so they very well could take me to court (I live in the burbs). If I pay this settlement, I have no leverage with Midland forgetting it reported favorably on my credit report. Bowman & Heintz said they have nothing to do with my credit report, and Midland won't talk to me. They keep telling me that Bowman & Heintz are handling the acount. I'm at a loss. I've got Junum looking into my account and so far they've managed to get 7 items removed the first time around. But this one came back verified
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    Don't know if it would work with them, but I just call them up and tell them that "I don't have a signed contract with them, only you. I will not do business with anyone other than you. As I am on the verge of bankruptcy, I want to TRY and pay off all my debts. If you are unwilling to work with me on this, I will need to file BK. Lets see what we can do..."; If it doesn't work, try it with the manager.
    That has worked for me once in the past (1 out of 1)...

  3. worried

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    How much did you owe to begin with?
  4. Twen0

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    Original amount was $3180. Debt is being settled for half. I'm not trying to settle the debt because it's for half, I'm trying to settle it to improve my credit rating.
  5. am

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    If you do settle, get the offer in writing that it will NOT be reported as a settled account.....get them to remove all negative and have it either not listed or as a positive. I settled, thinking it was better than a charge off and it really didn't help me as it was reported as settled.
    good luck

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