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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Jan 11, 2001.

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    I was not trying to insult you when I stated that you have learned a lot in a short while. As a matter of fact, I was paying you a compliment. I noticed that you seem to know the facts about AMEX and many others. I really wanted to know how you learned so much so quickly. Many of the topics you contributed towards were not previously discussed here. Yet you knew the facts. Outstanding! So I ask again (very kindly) how did you learn so quickly?
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    Thanks Killer. I didn't think you were trying to imply that, for some reason someone believed that you did.

    Like you, all I CAN do is stay updated with credit forums, listen to friends' advice and learn from personal experience. Jason, for instance, has been a great help in understanding the Amex mechanism. Every credit issuer has some loopholes and shortcuts, and I've become familiar w/ those of Amex and of others'.

    I DON'T know all the facts. True, I may know a few tricks, but I'm in no way a credit expert. If I were, I'd be charging $500/hour :)


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