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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jonesing, May 17, 2001.

  1. jonesing

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    A while back I wrote about a mishap with my oldest credit account. This was the 3rd credit card I got back in college. I lost the original card back in December or so (this was the old-style charge plate that's about half as tall as a Visa and a little longer). I reported the missing card and got a replacement. Went on vacation for 2 weeks shortly after that. Sometime in February 2001 I got a statement showing a past due balance and a late fee totaling about $45. Since I never got anything in Jan, I assumed it was some sort of mistake or maybe fraud and called customer service. Credit CS is handled by National Bank of the Great Lakes--the rep couldn't tell me anything about the charges. He couldn't tell me what store(s) they were from or what items were bought. The only thing he could tell me was the amounts charged $8 & $20. WTF!? You can't buy anything at Saks for $8!! So I initiate a fruad inquiry and ask for copies of the charge slips and the Jan '01 statement that never came. Eventually they all arrive and guess what? I did indeed use the account at an outlet store near my parents' place--the $8 was for a belt that I forgot to pack. So now I'm embarrased for causing so much trouble due to my forgetfulness and I call customer service to verify the balance and make a payment. That's when the next rude rep hits me with a shock: my account is closed!! Again WTF!?!? Why? Because it went 30 days past due when I didn't make the Jan payment. So let's see, I've had this account for 15 years or so and have never been late, I call at the first sign of trouble and initiate a fraud inquiry which is supposed to halt any sort of collection, fees etc and they've already closed my account?!?!?! She said that since I verified that the charges were indeed mine, they act like the clock never stopped--that would only happen on real fraud cases.

    I have never dealt with NBGL, the last time I talked to CS they were real Saks of course I'm now p----d about this whole situation. In a fit of anger I fire off a letter to the CEO of Saks in New York and included my card cut in half. Yesterday I got a letter from a manager at Saks in MS (retail hq I think). She apologized for the treatment I received and indicated that she fixed everything on my account and notified all the credit bureaus that my account has never been past due. So I called just to make sure that at least my account will reflect a zero balance. She was pure sunshine! I may have been in a crabby mood, ready for a fight but talking to her was like hearing the angels sing: It turns out that she not only fixed it but doubled my credit line and I have a new card on the way!! :) And since I have a wedding to attend next week......

    No longer a crab, but happy as a clam!

  2. Geo

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    yes, I agree. The saks customer service is great and very friendly!!
  3. Donna

    Donna Well-Known Member

    I love reading stories about excellent customer service.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. jonesing

    jonesing Well-Known Member

    I'm really glad this all worked out myself. heh heh In fact I'm not working, I'm looking at goodies to buy on the web site ;-)
  5. ShyGuy

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    Saks is my oldest account, too. I had problems with Sake (and other accounts) when I tried CCCS. So I hadn't used it in years -- and assumed it had been closed.

    But while cleaning up my credit reports after my BK, I noticed Saks was still listed as open. So I called customer service to check, and it was still open. I gave a change of address, and the rep ordered a new card for me. (My old card was the charge plate style, and it even had my old address on it.)

    Last month I used it to buy my wife her birthday gift. I was a litte worried if it would go through, but there was no problem. The only problem I've had is when I've tried to sign up for Saks' online billing. I just can't get it to work, and every time I call technical support, I'm told the system is down. I doesn't give me much faith in Saks' ebill system.
  6. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    It is great that all worked out for you. I am glad that you stood up for yourself.

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