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    Ok, I'm impressed with the advice here! Here's the big question! I've cleaned off over 15 negs off the big 3 in the last year. All that's left is the actual public record BK (and it's all correct) and a set of stupid Sallie Mae accounts. They were 4 accounts, consolidated into 1. During consolidation the original loans went late and the consolidation took way longer than promised. Sallie Mae accounts went over 90 days... but I sent in a forbearance and was told all was fine (it's the retroactive magic wand of student loans). Loans consolidated to Direct Loans. Sallie Mae is paid off completely. Here's the kicker. I got verification in writing that all my Sallie Mae loans were in forbearance in 1998 (all 1998) yet my credit reports show 90/120 days late, once in 6/98 and 7/98. All came back verified by the CRAs even though there are errors in dates/ and 1 duplicate on Equifax (1 perfect history, 1 with these lates). Sallie Mae agrees it's odd because technically no payments were due if you look at the account history. But since the forbearance was a last minute maneuver to "catch up" the loans during the lengthy consolidation process... they won't send a Universal Data form removing the late pays. I'm thinking of asking for a validation of the debt by Sallie Mae (they've actually sent me 2 of the original loan promissory notes back) so I'm thinking they might not be able to validate... hence no debt, hence no entries... Any comments???

    By the way, I'm looking at Junum right now. Don't mind paying for help but I really don't want someone else submitting info "as me"... and I'm scared to touch the BK Public entry b/c no accounts discharged are showing on my report at all. If the CRAs retaliated... they could really add garbage to my file... and I can't find any reason to challenge anyway. Everything is correct, unfortunately. Only good news is I know my BK file is archived already. Suggestions?

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