Sallie Mae Dilemma

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by HOMEN2004, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. HOMEN2004

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    Okay guys, I really have a dilemma. This is standing in my way for a mortgage. I NEED to get these accounts removed from the CR before 11/1/03. Here's the deal, I originally had my loans w/ Sallie Mae they were eventually paid off to them in '99. They are reported in March '03 that I was 4x's 90 days late. The catch is I consolidated these loans in 2001 w/ Direct Loans. My loan officer has told me that these could NOT be showing on CR when she pulls again on 11/1. How can this be accomplished? Okay, this is what I have done, I have contacted & disputed w/ EQ, I have also faxed SM a copy of my CR to show them their mistake. (they actually do not have reason to be reporting, as the loans were sold to someone else.) They messed up by updating an acct that they no longer have to update on. Please help!
  2. snakeman

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    Sounds like you may have to re-apply at a later time then.

    Even if things went as smooth as possible for you and I hope they do, November 1st is way too soon for as fast as these guys operate. If I were you I would do all that you can to keep up on these. Even so, time is not on your side right now. And if you try putting foot to a$$ right now with them or the CA, you will find that they will move even slower.


  3. HOMEN2004

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    thanks snakeman for the reply. I know. I feel like I am like stretched for time. The rep @ SM told me that it takes 24 hrs for the fact of the conversation that I had w/ them about the CR to show in their system. So, I don't know. I should have been clear, this is not based on me getting the loan, I can get a loan, but not at a great rate. That's the most important thing right now.

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