Sallie Mae is evil

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by csx, Jan 23, 2001.

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    Just thought I would share my little experience with you all... Had a payment arrangement for my private student loans, while my federal were not in repayment. Had my mortgage broker pull a report, and guess what! It showed that all the loans were late. Seems that honoring the payment agreement was too much trouble for the Sallie Mae rep, and they were applying a portion of my payment to all my loans, even the ones not in repayment. End result is a whole bunch of lates on my credit report. They admitted fault and said they would fix it, but it is still really frustrating.
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    Yeah. They submitted a default claim on my loans to the guarantor Northwest Education Loan Association when I was only 60 to 85 days past due. The guarantor rejected the claim because it was made too early. But, no-one told me anything about it. Meanwhile, I was not allowed to make payments to cure the past due status. Eventually, the guarantor approved the default claim and promptly assessed me a 31.13 percent collection fee (about 3500.00). When I paid the loans off through consolidation, another collection fee was assessed. Can you believe it? All for loans that were only 60 to 85 days past due. Ooooh yeah. Sallie Mae is evil. But, get this. The guarantor only paid Sallie Mae for part of the claim, because of putting me in default too early. However, the guarantor charged me for the whole thing. Yeeeaaaah! Now I am suing them for 2.5 million in federal district court Seattle. Guess we will see if that was in their best interest.

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