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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Apr 14, 2001.

  1. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    Hey Sam,

    I was wondering if you did anything to clear up the SCAN on your Chex report at all? I disputed the Wells and BOFA on my report last month and both came off. When I look at my report, I see that nothing is listed.. however, when I tried opening an account @ a local credit union, they said there was "retail information" listed when they called Chex. After doing research and calling Chex, they said that my drivers license is linked to the SCAN/Retail incidents. So I went to a private bank and applied w/o my driver's license and used other forms of ID for proof and was able to open an account.

    However, I still would like to take the SCAN info off.. have you had any success or attempts in doing this? I don't even know who I would contact for this.. I am currently fighting w/ the incidents w/ Safeway though and appreciate your help before in the past on this..
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    pay the checks, they will come off afterwards :) I just haven't gotten around to it..
  3. 9879888

    9879888 Guest

    yes pay the checks and or just go and get you dl number changes in the mean time.
  4. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    So if I pay the checks, they will come off or will they just update the activity date? I have no problem with paying the checks.. the amount is very small. I am just concerned that by doing so, it will just update the activity date on my Chex, and then really stay on my record for 5-7 years?

    Also, is SCAN going to completely remove it from CHEX or are they like banks where they persist in keeping the record on there?
  5. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    SCAN will completely remove your listing when you pay off your checks. ChexSystems will keep a report made directly to them for five years. I'm not aware of any way you can reset the five year clock for Chex.

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