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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by annie, Aug 28, 2001.

  1. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    I received my transunion, 21 positives and 19 negs, I think I cam get rid of 11 permantly(duplicate entries, incorrect info). so should I have already disputed 4 of them. Should I dispute the other 15 and how long will it take for them to go into dispute status and when should I apply after I dispute them?


    Just trying to get the MAN's foot off my neck!
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    transunion is awefully slow at moving into dispute status. I can't answer that question, because 2 out of 3 disputes i do online are ignored..

    For equifax, i dispute everything at once..

    then wait about a week or so, and pull a report to verify everything is in "dispute". Then apply.

    Perhaps someone here who has luck with transunion can help more.

    Citi specifically looks for recent issues. All of my issues are from 96.

    Btw, i can't get credit increases due to my low TU score. :(
  3. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

    Sam don't be greedy, you already have 3 citi accounts....... lol
  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    i have the amount of credit i need to feel safe at this point, and i could care less about any more cards except for BT's and Amex, but i won't see those till 2003.

    Time to start paying off mah billz hardcore.
  5. Mist

    Mist Well-Known Member

    That's where I am, too, Sam. Trying to get them all paid IN FULL ZERO BALANCE. Goal date 5/2002. I'm already behind according to my Quicken Debt Reduction Planner, LOL, but I think I can catch up within two weeks.

    The problem is life keeps throwing curves...maintenance for the house, more $$ for school clothes and supplies than budgeted, unexpected car repair expense. It's not easy.

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