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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Mar 15, 2001.

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any sample dispute letters for reaged accounts. This is my situation. I have creditors xyz's listed, and NCO has "purchased" or somehow are in charge of these accounts and have relisted them AND reaged them so the last activity date is 1/01 and 12/00 when the last activity for me with the original creditors was back in 5/97.

    Does anyone have any sample letters for this situation to dispute the "reaging"? Are collection companies allowed to list the tradeline even though the original listing by the creditor is there? what is the law on this? Is this considered "duplicate listings? Thanks in advance..
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    Re: sample dispute letter 4 re

    I would dispute these as being duplicates, only one creditor can "own" the debt and therefore should be the only ones reporting it. Just to be sure that infact the are reaging it( they do this all the time I know) are you sure you are not looking at the last time the account was updated?? This date just means they are continuing to report this to the agenicies, sometimes these reports are confusing. That being said, if they have changed the last activity date I would go the the website and and read through it and find the section that deals directly with this (sorry I forget what code it is) and put that with your dispute letter regarding the reaging, this by the way of course it's against the law in case they are not aware but I am sure they are.
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    Re: sample dispute letter 4 re

    Its very confusing as to what you are looking at, particularly on Transunion. Ender, have you received anything yet from NCO-a letter? Does it give any sort of dates associated with this debt? Mine didn't-and the account # listed on the collection notice is not the same # as that on my CB reports. With me, it appears that the date is when NCO took this account on.
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    Re: sample dispute letter 4 re

    Keltex: Okay, so are you saying that it is "okay" for NCO to claim the date that take it over as their own then? Shouldn't the last activity of the date still reflect what the original creditor's was?

    My situation is this:

    Creditor ABC, amount $3k CHARGEOFF
    Creditor XYZ, amount $3k CHARGEOFF
    Creditor AAA, amount $7k CHARGEOFF

    NCO sent me a later stating I owe them $17k. As far as the CR, there are multiple lines on their for NCO under collections with the last activity of 12/00 and 1/01 and claiming these debts.

    As far as dates, I have not seen anything on the NCO letter that relates the dates.. all I know is the last payment I made for these debts were back in 5/97-8/97. When I talked to NCO on the phone a few months ago, they identified which accounts it was they had bought..

    Momof3: Let me get the definition of "creditor" correct now.. this is the original person who extended me the credit.. ie: Discover, Amex, Citibank, etc. right? And when it is charged off, it goes to the collection agency, ie: Coldata, NCO, Cavalry... right? Now, if your question is referring to there being duplicates.. no there are no duplicates where the original creditor is on there TWICE.. but NCO is on their claiming the same debt and renewing the date as current. Is that illegal? That is my question.. and if so, what can I do about it? Dispute wise that is? Thanks everyone..

    BTW, I am on my way to send out round one disputes of Equifax and Transunion. Two weeks ago I sent out round one disputes for Experian and Chexsystems and also disputes online for Equifax.. wish me luck! :)

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