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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Oct 17, 2000.

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    I called equifax and was told I could not dispute my inquiries through them, I have to contact the creditor, which I thought but tried anyway. I was wondering if any has a good sample letter disputing inquiries?? Any help would be appreciated, uopn looking at my report I am disputing 14 out of 27, The lovely Boobs as J edgar puts it at First USA pulled my report 9 TIMES, i know i wasn't that desperate and I seem to have duplicate inquries from Citibank and Providian. I have been at this all day, I called and disputed my Helig Meyers account and said it is closed they will investigate, I then called HM and they asuured me they would tell them my acount was closed. I also wrote letter number 6 to Providian disputing my 30 day late and I will start writing more often so they will get so tired from hearing from me they will cave, they should it was honestly their mistake. Well that has been my day so far, on to my experien report:)

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    Try this site for sample letters -

    good luck Mom

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    RE: Sample dispute letter for

    Thanks Chet, now does anybody have the address for the "boobs" at First USA???


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