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    It appears former CCB cardholders are now receiving the settlement info on the CA Class Action (Allec v. CCB).

    Here is why this is a settlement that you MUST opt out of...and doing so requires a letter to the attorneys as mentioned in the settlement insert.

    NOTE THAT YOU MUST DO SO BY 1-2-2001!!!

    There are 3 classes being offered:

    1. settlement with existing cardholders

    2. settlement with former cardholders, in good standing..

    3. settlement with former cardholders NOT in good standing (i.e., write offs, etc.)

    In case 1, you get a $125 credit line increase. Does this cost CCB anything? NO. As one attorney puts it, is is FUNNY MONEY.

    In case 2, there is a $50 reduction in fees for anyone wanting to reapply for a CCB card. OK, so who here wants to reapply?...Got rid of your CCB card? here's your chance to go get a new one and start your problems all over. Kind of like a "you were falsely imprisioned, and now you can come back again at a discount"...

    In case 3, it is a "reduction" in the amount attempting to be collected by CCB on anyone's bad account. Think about this. For one reason or another, your account has been written off...and now as they try to collect, you'll actually get a discount. How many of these bad debts are due to CCB and their "unique" ways of applying fees, and their "honest mistakes" that they may have made with lost payments, etc..

    This settlement actually costs CCB nothing. Not a penny. You MUST tell the attorneys that. There is already a legal intervention planned to stop the settlement MUST do as directed and OPT OUT!!!

    Please e-mail me if you have any questions whatsoever...

    You have until 1-2-2001 to help keep CCB from getting away without paying for their actions!!!

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