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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by myong, Mar 24, 2001.

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    Let me start by saying that my husband called experian to dispute a $70.00 medical bill that went to collections. The reason he wanted to dispute it was that the collection agency sent a letter saying that if he didn't pay this bill in full within 30 days, it would go on his credit report as an unpaid collection. So that gave him the impression that if he paid it, that it wouldn't go on his credit report(at that time, we had a copy of his credit report that didn't show that account) So he went ahead and paid it. A couple of months later when we checked his credit report again, there it was. It was listed as a paid collection, and due to come off in 2004(he paid this just in the last year). So he called to dispute it, based on the fact that he was led to believe that this wouldn't go on his credit report if he paid it.

    When the letter came back from experian, the dispute was validated, and now it was going to stay on the credit report until 2007. He called experian to complain about an extra three years being added on just for dusputing the account, and they said that the collection agency couldn't do that, and that they would dispute it again. Well the next letter came back from experian, and it still showed everything being validated.

    Again my husband called experian about it, and they told him that he should call the attorney general of our state and file a complaint about the collection agency. He called them, and was told that he had to call a different office, and the number turned out to be long distance, bye this point my husband didn't want to take this any farther. The person on the phone offered to let him talk to someone that "kinda of new something about this". They told him that there was nothing he could do about it, since the sol was 7 years from the original date of the deliquency, But they were concerned about the way the collection agency worded the letter.

    So, if he hadn't disputed the account, it would be coming off three years sooner.

    Sorry this is so long, but i've been wanting to ask this board about this for a while, as i've considered sending dispute letter's.

    Thanks for any unput.

    Oh bye the way, experian did offer to put something on the credit report that stated: "this item was disputed by consumer" This account should purge off my report in 2004 as it appeared on my prior credit report.
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    I would definitely dispute using: the two credit reports from Experian within months of each other, showing the difference in SOL and demand that it be removed immediately or you will seek assistance from the FCRA. Try this time by Usmail certified letter.Does this report the same on the other two credit reports or just on this one report? It would be wise to "search" on this site at bottom of page for letter to accompany your reports and dispute, quoting: that your rights have been violated.

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