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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KatesMom, Jul 13, 2000.

  1. KatesMom

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    I need some help here. My daughter just got hired in StLouis for Scentura Creations. She is very excited, but from previous posts I found in here, I am really concerned. She has a fairly good job which she plans to call tomorrow and quit. This is not a good thing is it? I need some good feedback fast that an intelligent, vibrant, energetic 20 yr old female will take heed to!!

  2. KatesMom

    KatesMom Guest

    I can be emailed also! Thanks.
  3. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Oh God...stop her...

    Show her the posts...these people are more than crooks...
  4. KatesMom

    KatesMom Guest

    Thanks Don. I am on my way to her house now. She is very excited. Hope she will listen.
  5. KatesMom

    KatesMom Guest

    If your post :

    Oh God, stop her"

    was a prayer, it worked! lol

    She is a smart girl :)

    Thanks to this board and all who post on it we got the info we needed.

  6. Another Mo

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    I too, am doing research on Scentura Creations, Inc. due to my son just being hired. I have never seen your site before, could you please fill me in on this company?
  7. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    I only know what I have read..but the scam, apparently, is they get you to sell perfume or something like it, promise offices, and commissions, etc...and it never pans out...the game played is one of a Scentura rep saying they are "going to another location to sell", coming back with all kinds of (bogus) sales, and apparently "inspiring" those around them to sell..

    You should juts post asking about them, or do a Yahoo search, and you'll find out the scoop...
  8. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    I've been around all kinds of ladies' circles and womens' clubs where every kind of woman imaginable lives to show off her clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.. So far, I've never heard of anybody making a fuss over anything called Scentura.

    Maybe the stuff stinks like a dead mule, or they're peddling it out of car trunks in the K-Mart parking lot, and no one wants to admit to buying it. At any rate, I've never seen the name used without the word "scam" in the same sentence. Try Avon or Watkins. Old ladies still go bonkers over that stuff.
  9. Jenn

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    OKAY, I once went thru the Scentura scam, and boy what a joke that was. They warn everyone hired never to speak to their families about this until they have proven to do well with it....gee, wonder why??
    My scam artists were in NY, and basically it's another perfume rip-off company who has been in business forever - that doesn't mean the majority of the people hired don't "flunk out" on this opportunity. PLEASE, don't let her do it!!!
    I watched 37 people go thru the program with me and NO ONE got anywhere. Sure, we made a few bucks, but not enough to support ourselves, and definitely no one made it to the status to eventually open our own office, like they say you will.
    Good luck.
  10. KatesMom

    KatesMom Guest

    Thanks all, my daughter did not take the job! Keep warning others. She admitted it sounded too good to be real.
  11. Al

    Al Guest

    These people are scammers of the worst kind

    Here is a little thing I put together:


    I once ran a DC (Distribution Center) with another guy and we fucked a lot of people out of their money, dignity, time, and self-respect. I have since moved on to a real company and am doing very well. I still feel awful for what we did to people and that is why I am going to set the record straight for those who want to know about any of the "divisions" of Scentura Creations.

    You reply to an add in the paper which reads something like, "Needed, Executive Branch Manager -
    $30-40K per yearâ?¦ No Experience Necessary; willing to train." The one you may see will be a little different but similar to that.

    They will be very enthusiastic about seeing you and will get you in ASAP! When you get to the interview you will find yourself pretty confused and discover that you donâ??t have a clue what this company does or what you are really interviewing for. ALL YOU KNOW IS THAT YOU ARE SITTING IN SOME BROKEN DOWN OFFICE WAITING TO BE INTERVIEWED. In the interview they will ask you a couple questions and quickly reply, "I like your attitude - would you like to come in for a second interview?" There will be no reference check, no background check, or no real answer to any questions you may have about the company - that will all be covered in the "second interview."

    When you show up for the "second interview" you are really confused - here we have a handful of people all wondering what the Hell is going on (many places will have music playing) - some people may even leave. Finally a guy will come out and talk to you about fake perfume and cologne. They will explain how the US Supreme Court voted that "you cant paten a fragrance" and how they need managers to oversee their "distributors". YOU CAN WORK FOR COMMISION OR GET A GUARANTEE OF $30-40 PER YEAR. They will force you to go with the commission. PLEASE NOTE: NOBODY HAS EVER RECEIVED A PAY CHECK FROM THIS COMPANY SO DONâ??T ASK! You may be promised insurance and other benefits BUT YOU WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING IN WRITING.

    That night (if memory serves correctly) they will have a contest. The contest is where you sell this fake perfume to your friends and neighbors. If you come back they will make you jump right into "training." This is where you go business to business with a bag a fake perfume selling it for about $20 (give or take) - you get to keep $3 or $4 bucks for every bottle. You are told you are a "manager in training" - the guys that are training you are actually there to convince you that you will someday become rich doing this.

    On Saturday there is a "profit sharing" meeting. This is where you are told how you will actually become rich doing this. They will draw some numbers on a board and you are supposed to marvel at all the money that you are going to be making.

    Now it is a month later and you are still going door-to-door selling fake perfume -- No paycheck, no insurance, 401k, nothing in writing, just a bunch of promises, and a bag of fake perfume. You may do the math in your head and see that you are working 60-70 hours a week making maybe $100-$200 bucks and spending more then that on gas and food. YOU ARE DOING ALL THIS BECAUSE SOME DAY YOU WILL BE RICH; however, you may start to wonder why they did not tell you that you would be selling fake perfume door-to-door in the first place.

    Branch managers make no money, they get no paycheck - they get a couple bucks from what you sell. They are usually borrowing money to survive for all branch managers are making less than minimum wage and working 60-80 hours per week. MOST OF THEM GO BROKE TRYING TO PAY FOR THEIR OFFICE - YES, THATâ??S RIGHT - THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THE OFFICE THEMSELVES.. They are told that the money is in becoming a Distribution Center Manager.

    Most Distribution Managers are broke, as well as many Regional Managers. The only real winner is Larry Hahn, the companies owner who gets a couple bucks for every bottle that his "managers in training" sell throughout the country.

    CAN YOU MAKE ANY REAL MONEY DOING THIS?!? YES, There may be 10 or fifteen people through out the US making some real money (upwards of 6 figures) - THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY FROM THE 10,000s OF PEOPLE SELLING FAKE PERFUME DOOR-TO-DOOR HOPING TO SOMEDAY BECOME LIKE THEM.

    Yes, the odds are something like 2500 to 1 against you but the answer is Yes. However, you have to sell your soul, and spend your life screwing hundreds of people out of the money, time, and dignity.

  12. anonymous

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    anyone who has any information please send it to me. i just got scamed by them. please send me any and all information you can come up with. addresses, "distrobution center" names, names of "trainers" we are compiling a list to send to the better bussiness bureau. im a 20 yr old in Richmond, VA and in about 24 hours i have recived 50 emails about Scentura Creations, with use of the internet we maybe able to put an end to this and stop many unsuspected people from having to got through the same thing that many of us, and your daugters have gone through. thanks.
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  14. Tracey

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    Ask me anything, I'll tell ya. I can tell ya all about the d.c. in St. louis ran by David Babb.

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