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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Gena, Apr 28, 2000.

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    Apparently a MAJOR for your life...
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    you have no idea how big of a scam it is. they tell you that you have to work your way from the bottom: up. that means that you sell perfume for them. then once you get real good at selling the sh*t, you get a whole bunch of fake promotions. you work 10-18 hour days trying to sell. you start spending your own money just to meet your quota that day. after you do that for about 2-3 months you get promised your own office, so that you can have people selling perfume for you, but little do you know that once you finally get in your own office, they do everything that can to blow you out. with me they would break into my office and steal my merchandise, so that my inventory would be wrong. my phones were tapped and every time somebody called in for an interview, they would call the person and convince them to work for them instead. i lost my car and my house, because i could no longer afford them. my girlfriend left me and all my friends are gone because i had no time for any of them. now i am homeless, i live on the streets. the only way that i am writing any of this is because there is a library nearby with online access. when i called the people who had promised me the american dream to tell them what had happened to me, they had no sympathy, and they apperently have no time for me since whenever i call they just hang up on me. but i have given up on them, they toy with peoples lives, and don't care who they break. now i am 19 years old, my clothes are filthy, i have 17 cents to my name and i don't know where my next meal is coming from. a year ago i thought i was going to be somebody, now i am not so sure. thank you scentura creations, i am not even 20 years old yet, and i sleep behind a grocery store on a pile of clothes. if anyone has any questions or stories about this company please email me. i dont get to check mine very often but i will email you back. dont do it, there is not much more i can say about this company, just dont do it.

    thank you and god bless,

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